Are you looking for the best hair transplantation surgeon in Kolkata? This blog can show you the path to the right surgeon. Be it corporate life or social life our appearance always play an important role. Anyone looking smart and young is preferred in job and even in a relationship. With the rapidly growing beauty parlors almost everyone is repeatedly going in for hair colouring and styling. The irony of the matter is that what is being done to make one look young and trendy is also causing hair loss and baldness in the long term. Apart from genetic and hormonal factors like “Androgenic Alopecia” which causes about 70% of hair loss in males and 40% in females, other lifestyle factors like excessive stress, intake of junk food, lack of adequate rest are all combining to cause rapidly growing cases of hair loss and baldness across all ages and in both males and females. Thus more and more people are resorting to hair loss treatment solutions mainly through hair transplant. In fact this has lead to mushrooming of numerous hair loss treatment clinics and centers almost all of which are making tall claims of providing the best hair transplant treatment at most affordable rates. However when it comes to hair transplant, you must know that this is a very specialized field which requires expertise .Much risks are associated if the same is not carried out by a qualified surgeon in the field. cosmetic-therapy functions under Dr. Jayanta Kumar Saha. Dr. Saha is one of the best hair transplantation surgeon in Kolkata. He is a real authority in the subject. Being a leader in the field of hair transplantation, we examine the various aspects on the subject and try to make you aware why you need to consult the best hair transplantation surgeon in Kolkata for treating hair loss.

Best Hair Transplantation Surgeon in Kolkata - Cosmetic Therapy

Hair Transplantation Under The Best Hair Transplantation Surgeon In Kolkata:

Hair Transplantation or Hair Restoration surgery is a cosmetic surgery which involves moving scalp hair and hair follicles from an area with a lot of hair, normally the back of the head to an area with baldness or thinning hair. This is done through Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). The success of the Hair Transplantation Surgery depends on the how many of the hair follicles remain healthy after the surgery has been done. It may take several surgeries to cover the area wanted. Thus extreme care must be taken while the surgery is being carried out and there are various risks associated which are as follows:

  • Death of the hair follicles after the same has been transplanted, which would mean no hair would grow.
  • Excessive bleeding and swelling of the scalp
  • Improper and misdirected hair growth following transplantation
  • Infection of the hair follicles transplanted also called as “Folliculitis
  • It may even lead to numbness in the areas of the scalp which have been treated.
  • It may also cause formation of crust in the areas from where the hair follicles have been removed or areas where the hair follicles have been implanted.

Thus post operative care is very critical for the successful hair transplantation surgeries. As experts in the field at Cosmetic Therapy, Kolkata’s best hair transplantation centre, we truly believe in this, which is why the surgeries are done with utmost care by the most competent surgeon in the field. Besides a complete guide in terms of the “Dos and Donts” are provided following the surgery. Thus you can expect the best post operative care.

So it has become evident that though Hair Transplant has become very popular, there are several risks associated with it. So you must have it done only after consulting the best hair transplant surgeon in Kolkata for its success.