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Hair Transplant in Kolkata by experienced hair transplant surgeons

Hair transplant is widely done in different parts of Kolkata since a long period. Kolkata is now the place of choice to get hair transplantation done by people of other parts of India and also abroad. A group of young, talented and highly skilled hair transplant surgeons have made Kolkata the best destination of affordable and famous hair restoration. Among them “Cosmetic Therapy“, a cosmetic surgery and hair transplant clinic in Kolkata run by the consultant cosmetic surgeon Dr. Jayanta Kumar Saha, has gained its popularity by offering dozens of successful restorations under short period of time. High success rate at this clinic is due to Dr. Saha’s relentless active involvement in every single case of hair implant and effort of his team of dedicated surgeons and experienced technical stuffs. Inspiration, keen interest and application of state-of-the -art technologies have made hair restoration process an uneventful and least complicated at “Cosmetic – Therapy ” clinic.

Dr. Jayanta Kumar Saha: One of the top Hair Transplant Surgeons in Kolkata

Cosmetic Therapy is a renowned center for hair transplantation in Kolkata, run by eminent Hair Transplant surgeon Dr. Jayanta Kumar Saha, whose relentless effort and high leveled skill make each case successful. He offers quality assured hair transplant at an affordable price. Clarity and privacy of cases are maintained. His continuous involvement during transplantation with his well-trained team members have made Cosmetic Therapy an unparalleled hair transplant clinic in Kolkata, India.

What Is Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant, also called hair restoration surgery or hair grafting, is nowadays a very popular cosmetic surgery in which hairs are collected from the back of the head or different parts of body and implanted in bald areas of the scalp like front, side or centre portion of the head. Different techniques are evolved for treating baldness of which follicular unit transplantation(F.U.T.) and follicular unit extraction (FUE) are most widely accepted.

hair transplant in Kolkata | Hair transplant surgery | Hair Transplantation

Causes Of Hair Loss

Baldness occurs due to hereditary, metabolic disorder, hormonal imbalance along with uses of different artificial coloring agents, shampoo, hair creams, pollution, unbalanced diet, stress of modern society so on and so forth.

Evaluation of Hair transplantation candidates:

Both male and female are badly affected by baldness for which they seek varieties of treatment comprising of oral, local application of medications, ultimately they land up to hair replacement surgery, the most scientific, useful and gratifying procedure.

Male Pattern Baldness is, in general, most common and involves front, side and vertex of the scalp. Whereas a diffuse variety or sparse type of hair loss around hair parting area is evident in females. According to Norwood’s classification, male type baldness is classified into seven types depending upon its severity. Based on this classification a surgeon can come to the conclusion of the number of hair follicles required for a patient.

Hair Transplant procedures

Follicular Unit Transplantation(FUT) / Strip Harvesting Technique

Hair transplantation is performed under local anesthesia on an outdoor basis on hair less areas by different methods of which Follicular Unit Transplantation(FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction(FUE) are mainly advocated.

In FUT mode of Hair grafting, strip of hair follicles is harvested from back of scalp and dissected out into single follicles under the microscope or corneal loupe then kept in cold normal saline. Meanwhile hairless area of the scalp is pierced with a needle according to the number of follicles to be grafted. Then every single follicle is transported from normal saline and transplanted into the pierced bald area. Strip transplantation or strip technique is nowadays the most popular and effective method of all.

Advantage of FUT

FUT imparts a fine, inconspicuous, straight-line scar, which is covered by surrounding grown hair. Dr. Saha prefers trichophytic closure of donor area for growing of new hair through scar makes it invisible. Scar becomes soft, pliable and non painful. Closure may be done by absorbable suture, which needs no removal and wound heals up within 2 to3 weeks. FUT is preferred to FUE due to availability of a large amount of follicles from one donor site, and it is a time-honored method.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) for Hair Restoration:

Follicular Unit Extraction method is the latest method of all in which follicles are extracted from back of scalp, body and different hairy parts under local anaesthesia with the help of micro punch of 0.5 – 1.20 mm in diameter and transplanted over bald areas. FUE is mainly advocated in small bald area or where scalp hair is less with plenty of body hair. Primary disadvantage of FUE is it more damaging to the donor hair while harvesting in comparison to FUT.

Complications associated With Hair Grafting procedures:

Hair implant surgery leads to minor complications like improper and misdirected growth of hairs, inclusion cysts, infection, scar tenderness and allergic reaction to locally acting drugs. Sometimes lizard or crocodile type of skin appearance may occur following FUE. So Hair Transplant surgeon mostly prefers Follicular Unit Transplantation(FUT).

Post Operative Care

Following a transplantation surgery, hair undergoes anagen, catagen and telogen phase but immediately after hair transplant hair enters into telogen phase and almost all implanted hairs fall off within a short period. However, after 2 to3 months, anagen phase starts and shaft start growing from their roots. Full scale or final result of hair implant surgery is expected within one year. So patient should be aware of the fact that concluding result is obtained after one year and should not be impatient. Right after completions of surgery patients are offered a complete guideline of dos and don’ts for the best result.

Cost of Hair Transplantation in Kolkata:

Cost of Hair restoration surgery is on the lower side in Kolkata of which Cosmetic-Therapy is the cheapest of all cosmetic surgery centers. Cost of Hair transplantation surgery depends upon many factors like number of follicles, number of surgical sessions; procedures restored; etc. Exact estimation is possible only after a thorough consultation with the surgeon. At Cosmetic – Therapy clinic each follicle costs around Rs. 40 and budget ranges from Rs.25,000 onwards depending on the number of follicles.

Why choose “Cosmetic-Therapy” as Hair Transplant clinic in Kolkata for your Hair Restoration?

1. Cosmetic-Therapy is the renowned hair transplantation centre in Kolkata, India. Dr. Jayanta Kumar Saha personally takes care of every single hair grafting procedure. Throughout the session always a surgeon attains the patient.
2. We offer the quality assurance with cheapest price. Therefore, we are available to clients of all walks of the society.
3. Well trained persons work in the Hair implant team and make the result successful and unparalleled.
4. Numbers of transplanted hair follicles are always more than the number of assured hair follicles.

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