Rhinoplasty / Cosmetic Nose Surgery in Kolkata

Rhinoplasty in plastic surgery commonly refers as cosmetic or aesthetic rhinoplasty, nose job or nose reshaping surgery. Nose may be deformed, small or abnormally large, causes being accidents, diseases or since birth. Cartilage, bone or foreign material is added to nose job to give an eye-soothing appearance. Cosmetic-Therapy at Kolkata is a good, dedicated clinic for nose reshaping surgery under care of Dr. Jayanta Kumar Saha.

Patients of Rhinoplasty often complain of a deformed nose, ugly looking nose or breathing difficulty.

rhinoplasty in kolkata

Components of cosmetic Nose Surgery:

Reshaping of nasal size with proportionate to facial structure in an abnormally large-size nose.
Nasal tip correction like reduction of bulbous tip, tip elevation of drooping one.
Change of nostril size, mainly shortening of a widened nostril.
Correction of the deviated nasal septum.
Elevation of the nasal framework by adding bone, cartilage or artificial silicone implant.
Rhinoplasty procedure is attempted once nasal growth is over, after 17 years. In a healthy person and ideally on non- smokers.

Cosmetic Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty) Procedure:

Cosmetic nose job is done either through closed or open method by cutting columella. Cartilage is harvested from rib cartilage where an incision is made on chest and scar mark is seen whereas artificial implant is an alternative of rib cartilage and donor site scar mark is absent but infection chance is more. Stitches are mostly done with absorbable sutures. Aesthetic nose surgeries are performed under general anesthesia so patient needs nursing home stay after operation and discharged with postoperative directions and nasal moulding. Nose eventually swells up after surgery, and final judgment can be given after few months when swelling subsides.

Complications of Rhinoplasty include bleeding, local infection, nasal deformity, airway obstruction and donor site morbidity.

Cost of nose reshaping surgery at Cosmetic-Therapy is very low in comparison to other centers in Kolkata. It is difficult to give an estimation of cost prior to have a thorough examination. It is requested to interested people to have an online free consultation with Dr. Jayanta Kumar Saha by sending a mail or over the phone.