Mommy Makeover

Clinic for Mommy Makeover in Kolkata

Mommy makeover comprises a collection of cosmetic surgeries, which are mainly targeted to breast, abdomen and thigh. Due to pregnancy,childbirth and lactaional period, massive disfigurement of the body is noted like laxity of skin and fat deposition.

Breast laxity is targeted with mastopexy or breast lift surgery may be with implants. Fatty abdomen is contoured by liposuction and abdominal laxity is corrected with lipoabdominoplasty.

mommy makeover in kolkata

So Breast lift, Tummy Tuck and liposuction are mainly three operations of Mommy Makeover, which converts sagging breasts and loose and lax abdomen into firm voluminous with deep cleavaged breasts and tight and well contoured tummy.

Complications are same as that of breast and abdomen cosmetic surgeries.

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