Breast Enlargement Surgery

Breast Enlargement Surgery in Kolkata

Breast enlargement or breast augmentation surgery is the most popular cosmetic breast surgery in India as well as in the world. Number of Breast augmentation surgery in Kolkata is also increasing with time as females are getting much aware about physical shape than the social taboo.

Breast enhancement or augmentation surgery is performed mainly by different types and size of implants. These silicone implants are usually non hazardous and non cancerous to the body, but general population has false belief and misconception about breast implants, which are slowly dissolving.

Breast augmentation is done surgically with or without the help of the endoscope through various sites of skin incision of which lower mammary line incision is popularly used. This line remains hidden by the overlying voluminous breast.

Breast enhancement surgery increases self-confidence, improves body image and imparts deep cleavage.

breast enlargement surgery in kolkata

Candidates For Breast Augmentation Surgery:

1. Equality of both breast size and shape. 2. Sometimes breast lifting surgery is associated with implant placement. 3. Small-sized breast from birth.

Breast Enhancement Surgical Procedure:

Various techniques are used of which implant placement is the best and time tested method. Fat injection into small breasts has been tried, but the result in the long run is not very promising due to fat absorption. Implants may be placed under cover of breast tissue or muscle or both planes depending upon type and shape of implant and breast size. Breast augmentation surgery is performed under general anesthesia. So patient needs one day hospital admission. Breast enhancement surgery does not interfere with breast feeding or erogenous sensation.

Complications Associated with Breast Enlargement Surgery:

Implant rupture, failure, extrusion, infection, capsular contracture, hepertrophic scars of incision are few complications of Breast augmentation Surgery. Complication rate is very negligible in Cosmetic-Therapy clinic due to vigil attention of Dr. Saha and his dedicated team.

Cost for Breast augmentation surgery in Kolkata:

Cost of Breast enlargement surgery is within budget of middle-class society. It depends on the type of implant used but is reasonable at Cosmetic-Therapy clinic. Please feel free to contact Dr. Jayanta Kumar Saha by phone or e- mail for any query or get an appointment for thorough discussion at the clinic where privacy is strictly maintained.

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