Body Hair Transplantation

Scalp hair is generally used for hair transplantation purpose. In, Kolkata, Dr. Jayanta Kumar Saha performs this specialized surgery at his Cosmetic-Therapy clinic. Body hair transplantation (BHT) is required when sufficient hairs are not harvested from head due to their scarcity. Hairs are harvested from different parts of the body such as leg, arms, chest, back, armpit etc. BHT is done by FUE method leaving no scar behind. Body hair is implanted in the same way as scalp hair.

Criteria for assessing BHT suitability

Torso-Donor index (TDI):

  • If patient is less than 4 = unsuitable.
  • 5-7 TDI = may be suitable.
  • More than 8, patient is suitable.

Criteria for TDI:

  • High density must be above 40 FU/cm square.
  • Similarity between body and scalp hair.
  • Number of FU with 2-3 follicles.
  • Donor area size.Length of body hair.

Differences between body-FUE and conventional FUE:

  • Growth direction of follicular unit.
  • Type of skin and its characteristics.
  • Thickness and structures of hair.

Success of BHT

  • Extraction of hair follicles.
  • Growth cycles of body hair.
  • Compatibility of body and head hair.

Limitation of BHT

Due to lack of experience and short time-tested technique, BHT is the last resort of hair transplantation with 70% to 80% survival rate. Body hair changes its characteristics to recipient site after being transplanted into head.

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