Hair Transplantation is the phase we all have heard of. The fast moving world demands that everyone looks young and smart. Be it social or corporate the appearance plays an important part in our lives. So a lot of our acceptance depends on the way we look. So everyone is on the lookout for ways to keep looking young, which has led to growth of gyms, fitness centers and also salons and spas. All these in some way always contribute to our appearance. When it comes to our appearance our hair occupies a central position and every one right from teenagers are experimenting with different style, colours for their hair. With excess application of chemicals hair loss takes place, Hair Transplantation remains the only option to go for.

When it comes to hair loss there may a multiple factors causing it. Hair loss may be owing to genetic and hormonal factors like “Androgenic Alopecia”. We at Cosmetic Therapy, best Hair Transplantation Clinic in Kolkata, provides best hair treatment in Kolkata. Apart from which life style factors like excessive stress, unhealthy food habits like intake of junk foods, skipping meals, lack of adequate rest may be other factors. Another factor for hair loss may be hair styling and excessive exposure to harmful chemicals over prolonged periods. Let us examine some hair styling methods which damage the hair:

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Regular Straightening and Perming of Hair:

Often ladies having curly hair want their hair to be straightened where as ladies with straight hair want it to be curly. Both the processes of either straightening or perming the hair is carried out where in a lot of heat is generated on the hair. Owing to the application of the tremendous heat for the process leads to damage of the hair and thereafter leads to hair loss in the long run. So even if you desire to have your hair straightened or permed , it is best is done only very occasionally and not regularly.

Colouring of Hair:

Earlier hair colouring or dyeing was done mainly done by people who suffered from premature graying of hair. However in India now, for much hair colouring has become a fashion and very popular.Thus people irrespective of age are having their hair coloured very frequently. However the colours used normally contain permanent dyes which are strong chemicals. The repeated use of such strong chemicals often damages the hair and may lead to hair loss in the long run. So best is check with a dermatologist in regard to use of Hair colours and ascertain the ones which are safer to use.

Excessive use of Hair Dryers and rollers:

As already discussed earlier that application of excessive heat often damage hair and has an adverse impact on its structure. This leads to weakening of the hair follicles. Excessive heat also causes hair to lose its elasticity. Often hair dryers and rollers are used for hair styling. In such cases it is advisable to use a moderate heat setting to prevent the damage of hair.

Other Miscellaneous factors:

Certain other factors are to be kept in mind, such as preventing combing of hair when it is wet, tightly tying of Pony tails on a regular basis may also lead to breakage of hair. Regular application of hair styling gels, etc may also have harmful effects in the long run. Instead application of hair oil from time to time for proper nutrition of the hair is often beneficial which may be considered. Take regular care of your hair before it is too late.