Breast Lift Surgery

Breast Tightening Surgery/Breast Lift Surgery (Mastopexy) in Kolkata

Breast sags down, loses its shape and becomes lax due to multiple pregnancies, loss of weight, aging process and sometime may be connected to family heredity that calls the process too early in age. These problems can be easily rectified by Mastopexy, which is more commonly known as breast lifting or breast tightening surgery, a member of breast cosmetic surgeries.

Women suffer from inferiority complex and feel shy to get exposed to public places. Breast lift surgery helps to regain their lost confidence and self-image. Mastopexy makes breast tight, reshapes and fixes it to the chest wall. Failure rate of this technique is rare. Breast sagging is due to laxity of breast ligament, less glandular tissue and excessive skin envelope. Breast tightens surgery addresses all of these factors.

Best and most affordable service for breast lift surgery in Kolkata is offered by Cosmetic-Therapy Clinic run by Dr. Jayanta Kumar Saha. People seeking the international grade infrastructure, lowest cost and latest surgical application may have a prior discussion with Dr. Saha before selecting the suitable opportunity for such operation. Dr. Saha guarantees perfection and satisfaction to all his prospective clients.

breast lift surgery in kolkata

Surgical Procedure:

Incisions and techniques vary depending upon breast laxity and patient’s preference and surgeon’s choice. Procedure is done under general anesthesia with one-day stay in nursing home. Complications: Complications are same as all types of breast surgery like infection, wound break, hypertrophic scar, altered sensation, redo the case.

Cost of Breast tightening surgery in Kolkata at Cosmetic-Therapy Clinic:

Cost is within reach of general population of the country. Cost primarily depends on the type of implant along with method of surgery applied for the breast lifting. Therefore, a complete estimate of budget can only be offered after investigation of the patient’s condition and severity. Consultation with Dr. Saha at Cosmetic-Therapy is mandatory prior to operation to impart the best result of the procedure.

Inquisitive people, those want to have a basic understanding of breast tightening surgery, are always welcome to have a free discussion over the phone or through the e-mail.

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