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gynecomastia in kolkata

Gynecomastia / Male Breast reduction Surgery in Kolkata

Male breast reduction surgery or surgery for gynecomastia (gynaecomazia) is addressed to feminization of male breast. In gynaecomastia, breast enlarges like the female type of breast where stubborn fat and glandular tissues are excessively deposited into breast. Gynaecomastia is mostly evident in adolescence but may be seen elderly. Pubertal gynaecomastia is due to alteration of sex hormones, but in old age it is due to variant conditions like deprivation of male hormones, side effects of drugs or in different metabolic and carcinomatous conditions. In these cases, underlying conditions should be ruled out prior to operation.

Male breast reduction surgery is decrement of breast size by excision of excessive breast tissue along with liposuction procedure. No medication can cure gynaecomazia. This surgery imparts normal male chest contour without breast prominence.

Young male no more feels shy to undress his upper part in public place and no more humiliated by his friends. Firm chest binder is immediately applied after breast reduction surgery to prevent collection of fluid and patient may be discharged on same day or next day depending upon the type of anesthesia administered on him.

Cosmetic therapy is one of the most leading clinic for gynecomastia in Kolkata. Patients regain their lost confidence after consultation with Dr.Jayanta Kumar Saha. He maintains the privacy of patient and clarifies all queries and doubts regarding male breast surgery and male breast correction. Cost effectiveness and success rate of the clinic make Cosmetic therapy, pioneer for gynaecomastia surgery in Kolkata.

Side effects and post surgery complication of male breast reduction surgery:

Complications of male breast surgery are undercorrection or overcorrection of breast, bleeding, skin and nipple areola complex necrosis, fat liquefaction, infection.

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Cost of Gynecomastia/male breast reduction surgery in Kolkata at Cosmetic-Therapy:

Clinical investigation reveals Gynecomastia has been getting more prevalent in teenagers and young males in Kolkata. Dr. Saha has gained his repute as a proficient cosmetic surgeon in Kolkata by performing a pretty large number of successful surgeries in very short period of time. In his service Cosmetic-Therapy at Kolkata cost of male breast reduction surgery is very low, affordable to all most all people with minimum budget. Patient should meet Dr. Saha at his clinic for the proper investigation to estimate the cost of gynaecomazia surgery and rule out any underlying pathology.

Call or mail Dr. Saha immediately to get an approximate price range for your gynecomastia surgery.

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gynecomastia surgery in kolkata