Eyebrow Reconstruction Surgery

Eyebrow loss may be due to trauma, surgery, poor electrolysis, laser hair removal, over-plucking, thyroid or other hormonal imbalance, genetics.

Eyebrow is required for facial expression without which mask-like impression persists. Eyebrow is unique due to its thinness and acute angulation with skin. Eyebrow is short in length, smaller in diameter and grows slowly. Eyebrow in medial and lower location grows superolaterally and lateral and outer location grows inferolaterally.

Reconstruction of partial eyebrow:

Results from excision of small tumour or burn. It is managed by follicular graft or local flap advancement like v-y advancement, Burow triangle.

Reconstruction of entire eyebrow:

Options are follicular hair graft, hair plug transplant, hair strip graft and pedicled scalp flap.

Aesthetic and functional repair of eyebrow is required. Of all procedures follicular unit transplantation is the most popular technique which involves harvesting of donor follicles from back of head and then transplanted into loss area of eyebrow. Donor are is then stitched back with no visible scar. FUT typically consists of 50 to 350 hairs in each eyebrow, performed under oral sedative and local anaesthesia with around 2 hours procedure. Tiny crusts form around each follicle for 2 to 4 days, mild inflamation stays for 3 to 5 days patient resume his normal activities after 1 week.

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