Liposuction Surgery in Kolkata

Liposuction is required for those whose intake is more than output as a result excess fat is deposited in different parts of the body such as abdomen, thigh, buttock, arm, neck, etc. Depending on severity and sex preponderance. Heredity, metabolic disorders, less activity, lavish lifestyle, fast food may be the cause of excessive fat deposition. Suction assisted fat removal procedures correct the physical shape, make smoother contour and eliminate obesity-related health hazards.

Different socio-economic studies and medical reports show Kolkata, a metropolitan city of India, has the rising trends of obesity among her young and middle-aged population. To a good percentage of these people, liposuction could be an immediate relief from obesity. Right now, Liposuction is the most carried out cosmetic surgery in India just like other countries of the World.

Obesity increases life-risk and can be reduced by diet restriction and exercise to some extent but liposuction is the only proven answer for uncontrolled obesity. Cosmetic therapy clinic is mostly chosen by patients because of its low complications, high success rate and low cost.Dr.Jayanta kumar Saha counsels patients prior to every liposuction and gives his best effort to all. Nil side effects and affordable price make cosmetic therapy, the only answer for liposuction in Kolkata(Fat Surgery)

liposuction in kolkata

Liposuction Means….

Liposuction is advocated to both sexes, males and females of almost all age groups. Fat removal procedure is mainly targeted to resistant fat accumulated in the body which is difficult to be burnt out by exercise, diet or medications. So liposuction is the best and ultimate treatment to remove resistant fat in the body, gives a good shape and improves self-image.

Liposuction Procedure:

Liposuction is one of the safest surgical procedures done under general or local anesthesia by the plastic surgeon. Application of procedure and amount of Fat extraction depends upon the surgeon’s judgment and patient’s preference. Nowadays, many centers in the country are coming up with eye-catching advertisement of Liposuction facilities, mostly performed by non-medical personnel with ill, insufficient or no knowledge about it. So patients should refrain themselves from these types of assurances. The amount of fat removal should be informed to the patient prior to the procedure depending on the severity of obesity. Excess Liposuction is condemned and leads to many complications. Multiple sessions are advised in major cases, and patients can resume their normal activities within a week.

Consultation Prior To Liposuction:

Dr. Jayanta Kumar Saha advises to stop smoking at least two weeks before fat removal procedure. Any medications like blood-thinning drugs, oral blood sugar reducing drugs, oral blood pressure reducing drugs should be enquired and stopped or substituted accordingly. Target body parts are examined and marked, therefore, a competent surgeon could easily estimate the optimal amount of fat to be extracted without inflecting any harm, and patient should follow his advice.

Liposuction Method:

Liposuction comprises of tumescent technique of infiltrate of normal saline, local anesthetic drug and vasoconstrictor drug like adrenaline, which make the procedure painless and less bloody. Depending upon the amount of fat removal many methods of Liposuction are used such as suction assisted lipectomy (SAL), power assisted Liposuction (PAL), Ultrasound assisted Liposuction (UAL) , Laser-assisted Liposuction (LAL). Dr. Saha prefers SAL due to its simplicity and fewer hazards.

Liposuction Candidates:

Liposuction is never ever an answer for excessive obesity for which patient should seek the urgent advice for bariatric surgery followed by Lipoabdominoplasty and or liposuction as a touch up procedure. Patients with dietary restriction, having regular physical exercise and within 30 percent of ideal body weight are perfect candidates for Fat removal surgery.

Complications Of Liposuction:

Although Liposuction complication is negligible but sometimes may be devastating in unskilled hand of unauthorized personnel. Complications my vary from the mild degrees like drug reactions, contour irregularity, infection to the severe degree like skin loss, injury to abdominal structures, fat embolism. Excessive Liposuction increases complications in many folds, henceforth the conservation way of Liposuction is always ideal.

Cost of Liposuction at Cosmetic-Therapy:

The charge of Liposuction in cosmetic-therapy is one of the cheapest in the country as well as Kolkata. Cost varies depending on the amount of fat removal; number of sessions and type of anesthesia administered. Every patient can approach to Dr. Jayanta Kumar Saha, who makes the procedure very much affordable. The rate starts from Rs.20,000 onwards. Body contouring, tummy tucks, Lipoabominoplasty are the different modes of service imparted by cosmetic-therapy at a reasonable rate. Actual cost of the surgery can only be assessed after a thorough consultation. Feel free to ask any question regarding liposuction to Dr. Saha.

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