Female Genital Surgery

Female Genital Surgery in Kolkata

Females may have abnormally protruding out labia minora, fat depletion of mons pubis causing flattening and lack of volume of labia majora. These abnormalities are profound in aged women and causes loss of self-image, confidence and embarrassment. Cosmetic-therapy is the ideal place for women looking for correcting their genital abnormalities. It is one of a reputed female genital surgery clinic in Kolkata where patients get most advanced surgical procedures for an affordable cost.

Genital surgical procedures can be performed under local anesthesia without admission so that privacy is well maintained. Post operative recovery is very fast and patients can resume her normal day to day life and conjugal life within a short period after operation.

female genital surgery in kolkata

Dr. Jayanta Kumar Saha, having diploma in gynecology, has the special interest in female cosmetic genital surgery and imparts all his attentions and effort to rejuvenate female genitalia.

Below are some most demanding genital surgeries for women:


Hymen rupture may occur due to sexual intercourse, athletics, injury to genital region or may be absent since birth. Loss of hymen before marriage may be a cause of suspicion to her partner and may cause a lot of misunderstandings.

Hymenoplasty changes hymen to standard or near standard condition which is expected before marriage or a demand by husband. Patients should not feel uneasy at Cosmetic-Therapy clinic where privacy is maintained and Dr. Saha pays attention to every single patient according to her want.

A preoperative counseling and examination is done by Dr. Saha at his clinic with top most privacy so that patients feel comfortable, and they also feel ease to speak out their complaints.

Complications of Hymenoplasty are wound infection, scarring and failure of procedure.


Flattening of labia majora and enlargement of labia minora are two major complaints female cosmetic genital surgeons confront frequently. Others are mons pubis flattening and enlarged clitoris. Enlargement of labia minora and clitoris cause cosmetic and functional problems like loss of self-esteem, itching, irritation due to chronic frictions to undergarments and ultimately patients land up with local part infection and inflammation.

Labia majora volume is increased with local fat injection and labia minora size is reduced surgically.

Reduction of an enlarged clitoris

Clitoromegaly may be due to endocrinal cause or sometimes cause may remain unknown. Whatever may be the cause, reduction of the clitoris is done by operation and patients get relief permanently.

Complications are rare apart from a local site post operative pain and infection.

Cost of female cosmetic genital surgery in Kolkata is pretty low in comparison to other metro cities in India and Cosmetic-Therapy confidently announces that it offers the most lucrative surgical packages to patients. Women looking for free advice, cost or ideas on female genital surgery may feel free to contact with Dr. Saha by the contact form or by phone provided to “contact us” page.