Gynaecomastia is a commoner problem nowadays in younger generation which causes lot of embarrassment to oneself. Sufferers hide themselves from public places like swimming pool and general gatherings and loose their confidence. Sometimes they even undergo psychiatric problems but recently i have experienced a terrifying incidence where marriage was at stake.

One day a handsome young chap came to my chamber in evening with lot of hesitation. I asked him about his problem but he was very shaky to narrate his complaints. Initially I found him very much morosed with lot of frustration but then I came to know the tragedy. The guy got married with a Kolkata based model six months back. They used to attend lot of party and go to gymnasium and swimming pool. But the person couldn’t wear skin-hugging ┬áparty dress and afford to swim in bare body due to presence well developed breast. That spoilt their harmonius married life and used to quarrel among themselves. Now their marriage is at a threat.

I counsel the couple and give them confidence. Gynaecomastia is not a stigma, it can be fully cured by operation and he can return to his normal life within few days and resume his normal duties. It doesn’t give any unsighty scar to the patient and after operation patient can go to public places with bare body. I operated him after few investigations and prerequisites, the recovery was quite uneventful. He regained back his confidence and started his normal activities. He is now very much bold in party and not hesitant in public place.

Here are few lines by the patient…..

Gynaecomastia surgery in kolkata

First of all, I “Bakhtawar Kamal”, A Gynaecomastia patient of him, would like to thank Dr. Jayanta Kumar Saha not only for the Surgery he had performed, but for changing my life. Dr. J. Kr. Saha Deserves more than 5 stars! He has done a Great Job by Completely Removing my glands and for the treatment and care which he had provided. He’s the Best Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon out there, Who’s Reliable, Experienced, Capable, Reasonable and Of Course Very Friendly. I am not only Happy but Highly Satisfied by his work and his range of skills. I highly recommend all of you guys out there who are suffering from Gynecomastia, to just blindly visit Dr. Jayanta Kumar Saha and Go Ahead with your surgery. I Believe in you Doctor. You have changed my life, I will never forget your Kind and Caring Hospitality. Thank you Dr J. Kr. Saha Once Again! God bless you Always and I wish you All the Best in Life. High Regards, Bakhtawar Kamal.