Gynaecomastia is the abnormal condition of breast seen in male population mostly found in middle age group.It is nothing but overdeposition of fat and glandular tissue in male breast and makes it feminine type.Although gynaecomastia is prevalent in middle age group but it also occurs in adolescence and old age group.Causes are many like alteration of hormonal level, endocrinological, metabolic and neoplastic. Gynaecomastia is graded into different levels depending upon its size.In advanced stage,skin is also excess along with fat and gland.
Whatever may be the cause,suffering is profound. Patients feel shy and deny to uncover themselves in open places like swimming pool,gymnasium etc. They start withdrawing themselves from social gatherings and moreover in long run land up with depression and psychological problems even in severe cases leads to suicidal tendency. Depression in teenagers outbursts in different forms.children become erratic and downfall in performance with lack of concentration in study.Mind gets distracted and irritated.They cannot disclose their embarrassment and being teased by friends.
Gyneacomastia Surgery Clinic in Kolkata
But remedy is very simple and fast without curtailing any daily works. Surgery is the only definite and permanent cure for it although different techniques and household remedies are available in market. People are biased by gimics. Gynaecomastia surgery in kolkata is widely available. Liposuction along with subcutaneous mastectomy are the choice of operation for this problem is performed in cosmetic therapy clinic in kolkata. Patients are operated and may be discharged on same day without uneventful sequelae. After operation patient regains back his confidence and mix openly without any hesitation.
Neither drug nor exercise can cure thisIncidence of this problem is increasing day by day due intake of fast foods.Nowadays gynaecomastia surgery is one of the most popular surgery in kolkata and regularly done in cosmetic therapy clinic. Awareness should be increased and medical knowledge will remove social stigma and ignorance from the mind of general population. Just afford to manage single day from your busy schedule and get cured from gynaecomastia and live a bold life with musculine figure.