Yes, he is the one who continues to rule Bollywood. The actor who has been rocking the box offices over the years with films that have generated businesses of hundreds of crores is none other the one and only “Sallu Bhai”, the evergreen Salman Khan. It is true that he is a great actor. But apart from acting skills his evergreen looks have always contributed to his success. The one thing which he has done to look young is hair transplantation. Surprised! If so click on the Link below of a renowned media house of the country

Source: Times of India & Bollywood Papa

Video Source: Zoom

It is true to stay at the top of your profession as an actor you need to look young. This is why not Salman Khan who has done it. There are a host of other celebrities who have done it. The list includes the famous of  Govinda, According to top media reports the famous star had undergone hair transplantation in 2012. Others in the list include Amitabh Bachan, Akshay Kumar, Kapil Sharma Sunny Deol and Akshay Khanna. Not only Bollywood actors many stars from the cricketing fraternity too have done the same.

You need not be a star to look young with hair transplantation

With the hair loss emerging as a major problem among youth, hair transplantation has emerged as the most popular treatment. Today with the popularity of this revolutionary hair loss treatment, you could avail too it at all the leading hair loss treatment clinics in Kolkata too. It is very affordable as well. However with the rapidly growing popularity of hair transplant surgeries, many hair loss treatment clinics have mushroomed throughout Kolkata. You need to be careful where you would have your treatment done, if you decide to go ahead for the treatment. If the procedure is not carried out properly and if the post surgery care is not taken, there are adverse effects you could suffer from. So have it done from the right clinic under a renowned hair transplant surgeon.

The Hair transplantation procedure

Hair transplant also called hair restoration surgery. It is also popularly known as Hair Grafting. If you are suffering from baldness you could go in for hair transplantation too. Under this procedure, hairs are collected from back of your head or different parts of body and implanted in bald areas of your scalp like front, side or centre portion of the head. The two procedures are used for hair transplant surgeries are Follicular unit transplantation (F.U.T.) and Follicular unit extraction (FUE) are most widely accepted. Hair transplantation is performed under local anesthesia. Once the surgery has been carried out properly you must be careful to take post operative care. You also need to be patient. As a patient you can expect the final result of your hair implant surgery within one year.

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