There has been a sudden spurt in the number of cases of people suffering from hair loss. The problem which was predominant amongst middle aged men some time back, is sparing none nowadays. Thus currently youngsters, male and female from all age groups are falling prey to this ever growing problem. The reasons for the rise are many. These range from hormonal factors like Androgenic Alopecia to lifestyle factors like stress and poor food habits. The result is that today everyone is looking for hair loss treatment. To cater to the rapidly growing need you have the mushrooming of many hair clinics. All of them claim to provide the best hair loss treatment at the lowest rates. However before you approach any of them for treatment, you need to validate their claims.

In this blog we analyze some of the factors which you must consider to have an effective hair transplant surgery without side effects.

Hair Transplant Surgery: What it is?

Hair transplant also called hair restoration surgery or hair grafting. It is a surgery where hairs are collected from back of the head or different parts of body and implanted in bald areas of the scalp . These generally may be the front of the head or the centre. There are many techniques involved but amongst them the follicular unit transplantation (F.U.T.) and follicular unit extraction (FUE) are most widely accepted.

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The risks involved in hair surgery:

Hair Transplant surgeries if not carried out correctly, may lead to many complications. These include misdirected and improper growth of hairs. There may be infections, cysts and allergy following surgery. Sometimes lizard or crocodile skin may appear following the surgery. There is a lot of postoperative care which is required following the surgery. Full scale results may be expected within one year.

Often you may come across advertisements claiming that the hair transplantation is being carried out at very low costs. Seeing them you may assume that these hair reconstruction surgeries would be carried out by doctors. This is may be far from the truth. These are more applicable in cases where the clinics are run by individual doctors. If a competent hair surgeon is to carry out these surgeries they would charge high fees for the same. The fact that such low charges are being advertised could mean that these surgeries may actually be carried by undergraduates. They may lack the expertise required to carry out the same. Thus you are at constant risks at these clinics of getting poor quality surgeries as a result. In such cases the side effects as mentioned above are mostly likely to set in.

So it makes sense to validate the claims of the hair clinics and judge the expertise of the surgeon who would carry out the hair transplant procedure. It is always better to pay a little more to get the right hair loss treatment. At Cosmetic Therapy, such hair restoration surgeries are carried out by qualified and experienced professionals. With our expert team you would have the best hair transplant surgeries without any side effects.