We live in the age of the internet. We live in the world of selfies where social media platforms like Facebook rule supreme. So the urge to look beautiful is at an all time high. Thus whether you are a teenager, a newly married couple or a working professional almost everyone wants to look picture perfect and right now ready to shell out up to thousands of rupees to get a surgically enhanced face. Thus the demand for cosmetic surgeries in Kolkata much like other places of India is high like never before. Being one of the leading Cosmetic surgery clinics in Kolkata we thought to make you aware of the latest Cosmetic Surgery trends in the field.

The Cosmetic Surgery trends currently:

The youth are the ones who opt more for cosmetic surgery

In recent times many Indians have moved towards corrective cosmetic surgeries. The obsession currently is with perfection, according to most cosmetic surgeons. As a result, more and more of young Indians are now going under such cosmetic surgeries. These are especially in the age group of 18 to 25 years. According to doctors the youth in the age group of 25s and below now comprise as much as 70 per cent of the crowds in the Out Patient Department (OPD) clinics of cosmetic surgeons across India.

Experts are of the opinion that the entire focus of plastic surgery has shifted from looking younger to looking in shape. Youngsters in this age group are usually coming in before entering a new phase in their life. This may be just while starting college, a new job or getting married.

Men and women have different intentions

Generally men opt for breast reduction and hair transplant. Women on the other hand are still lapping up the more popular procedures like liposuction which brings about the fat removal and Rhinoplasty which pertains to the nose.

Social media selfies and pics have a big impact

Beauty and the idea of how one looks is eternal. But the quest to look perfect in an age of digitization is new. With the youngsters most of the time glued to their mobile devices with Facebook and Whatsapp they express much through the social media. What these social media platforms have done is that they have brought old friends together after a long period of time. So, everyone while meeting up or posting social media pics wants to look great. One way of doing through is by means of cosmetic surgeries. This is what the generation next is very much aware with Cosmetic Surgery trends and they opting for cosmetic therapies.

recent cosmetic surgery trends in India

In conclusion we can see that the demand cosmetic surgeries in Kolkata along with other places have definitely risen. This is more so amongst the young generation. But doctors warn against falling prey to lucrative advertisements. In case you opt for cosmetic surgery ensures that you have it done under an eminent cosmetic surgeon. Cosmetic Therapy is a leadingĀ  cosmetic surgery clinic in Kolkata. Here the cosmetic surgeries are under Dr. Jayanta Kumar Saha who is very eminent in the field and aware of recent cosmetic surgery trends . To know more please visit our website.