The growth of hair transplant in Kolkata is getting popularized. The trend is relatively new. The cause behind this popularity of getting a hair transplantis that a considerable number of people here is suffering from degenerative ailments like pre mature balding. To address this issue people previously used wigs and such other similar stuff but it failed to serve the purpose – the core issue of baldness. Moreover they come with their own problems and side effects instead of being a solution to compensate hair loss.

Wigs which were previously used to compensate hair loss is first of all very uneasy to carry and as a result of excessive usage would cause skin damage as even the costliest wig would come with skull pins. A person’s personality and social image matters and hair is an integral part of it. People are looking for best solutions that would help them to get rid of problems like pre-mature baldness as it can lead to a lot of problems and can harm a person’s self-esteem considerably.

There are a lot of available medical treatments for premature baldness which can be sought at a very early stage. The main reason behind pre-mature baldness in Kolkata is that people here do not take pre-mature hair loss as a medical condition as a result of which they end up becoming bald. The consequence is the growing demand of hair transplant in Kolkata and other metropolitan cities. Also India has made significant development in the field of transplantation related medical sciences as a result of which there is the huge demand of hair transplant surgery in metro cities like Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore.

Hair Transplant in Kolkata

Earlier very few people considered hair transplant as a definite solution against hair loss. This was mainly because it was costly and people considered it something which is beyond their capacity and budget. Today it has become very affordable and within reach. As a result is the growing demand of hair transplantation which constitutes the high income group segment like NRI’s and even people from the upper middle class and middle class. Moreover hair transplantation clinics here in Kolkata are well equipped with certified dermatologists who are well versed in this entire technique. The surgical procedure is simple and there is no visible risk in surgery.

So to conclude the reason behind the growing demand of hair transplant is that it is a very feasible solution now and the solution is long term, permanent and immediate in nature. It also serves as a promise for those people who wish to get fresh lease of life all-together and are tired of their baldness which is actually not a critical problem. To make it more affordable and within reach hair transplant clinics are now coming up with attractive EMI schemes. So hair loss is treatable now!