It is true that as a country in India, we have made major advances on all fronts. In this advancement, women have played a significant part too. It is seen that whatever field it is, the modern women are now equally moving ahead shoulder to shoulder with their counter male parts. However, even with all the developments, there is, unfortunately, a section of our society that is very orthodox and conservative. And nowadays Hymenoplasty is most popular.

The hymen is a thin, fleshy tissue which is located at the opening of the vagina. It is seen that often the hymen might get ruptured due to various factors. This may be on account of sexual intercourse, athletics, injury to the genitals or the hymen might be missing altogether since birth. Often rupturing of the hymen is often associated with having sexual intercourse.

Worried about virginity? Now get it restored with Hymenoplasty

Hymenoplasty: What it is?

Thus the ruptured hymen prior to marriage may not go too well with your better half. It could lead to misunderstandings amongst the partners and a cause of suspicion in regard to sexual intercourse before marriage. You might be faced with a similar situation wherein you are having ruptured hymen before marriage. Therefore, you might want it to be restored. The good news is that now with the latest cosmetic procedures the hymen might easily be restored. This process is called “Hymenoplasty”.

It is basically a cosmetic process by means of which the Hymen is restored back to its standard or near standard state. The condition which is usually is expected prior to marriage. Unlike in the past now recovery from such cosmetic procedures is much faster. What is even better is that if it is done from the right clinic under a renowned cosmetic surgeon then the risks of side effects and postoperative issues are minimal as well.

Hymenoplasty at Cosmetic Therapy?


If you are looking for the best clinic for Hymenoplasty in Kolkata then Cosmetic Therapy is one of the leading clinics in the field. Here Hymenoplasty is carried out by a renowned cosmetic surgeon in the field Dr. Jayanta Kumar Saha. Apart from the best cosmetic procedures here patients would not feel uneasy as total privacy is maintained. A preoperative examination and counseling is done by Dr.Saha, prior to the surgery.

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