In case you are a young woman one question which many, have to confront is “Are you a virgin”? How many times have you been asked about your virginity? It is true that to some extent society is changing and becoming more open and broad-minded about sex. But at the same time, you would be surprised to note that there is still a certain section of women who believe that it is important to be a virgin for getting married. In fact even in the current age when so much advancement has taken place some women still fear of how their husbands would if they find that they are not a virgin prior to their marriage. this is the reason Why More Women in India are opting for Hymenoplasty?

The Current mindset in India in regard to ruptured Hymen

It is to be noted that an intact hymen is still considered to be the proof of virginity. The hymen is basically a thin membrane which located just about a half-inch inside the vagina. It is what covers the external vaginal opening. What is important to consider is that since it is so thin and membranous the hymen could break before one had sexual intercourse on account of several factors.

Whether the hymen broke because of sex or not, there are women who would still undergo a hymenoplasty, which is basically a hymen reconstruction surgery. There are some recent media reports which claim that mothers taking their daughters to a plastic surgeon for getting hymenoplasty done. It is seen that many mothers are worried that since her daughter is about to get married it is important for getting the hymen of their young daughters reconstructed.

General trends of Hymenoplasty in India Currently

It is seen that most women who get Hymenoplasty done currently are in the age group of anywhere between 20 and 30 years of age. In fact, there are reports which claim that many doctors of India state that there are at least 50 to 60 cases of women coming to them for hymenoplasty. This because of the common perception that with a reconstructed hymen would help them lead a good married life. Women also feel that however modern a man is, at the end of the day he prefers a woman who is a virgin for his wife. The bitter truth in this matter is that such men do exist!

Why More Women in India are opting for Hymenoplasty?

What is important and what you need to do?

If you are wondering how you can fix a torn hymen, you would be happy to note that it is pretty easy. Through this surgery, a membrane is created using the flap of the vaginal line. This procedure would not involve too much time. Besides once done the healing is also pretty faster these days. And if you are worried about scars, there won’t be any scars either.

This is why so many women are now getting get it done so confidently. But at the same, if you have undergone the procedure you would be advised not to do any rigorous exercises for at least a couple of weeks. Besides in case you plan to get it done it is best that you get it done from a reputed Cosmetic Surgeon under from the right clinic in the field.