Are you a young man suffering from enlarged breasts? This condition as you would be aware of what is medically known as “ Gynecomastia”. If you are to take a look at the latest trends you would realize more and more men are falling prey to this condition. The good news is that the treatments too have become more advanced. Amongst the various treatments for Gynecomastia, Gynecomastia Surgery has become by far the most popular. The reason is that surgery once is done rightly acts as a permanent cure to the problem. What is also great now is that with the advanced cosmetic surgery methods the recovery time is quick. Thus those who go under the knife suffer minimum and also recover pretty quickly. 

Why you must choose the Gynecomastia Surgeon Carefully?

With the rising popularity of Gynecomastia Surgery, many clinics and cosmetic surgeons now claim to provide the best Gynecomastia Treatments at the most affordable costs. But you need to be careful about who you choose. The reason is that if the Gynecomastia Surgery is not done correctly then it could lead to several postoperative complications. You would also realize that Gynecomastia Surgery involves a major cost. Thus if the surgery is not done rightly not only would your investment for the surgery get wasted but at the same time, it could cause you some serious physical damage as well. It is because of this that you need to choose the right clinic and the right cosmetic surgeon for a permanent solution to the problem.

Important Post Operative Care Tips 

However apart from choosing the right clinic and the right cosmetic surgeon for your Gynecomastia you need to proper post-operative gynecomastia surgery care as well. The following are some important points which you need to take care of in this regard:

  • Strenuous Activities need to be avoided for a week or two after the Surgery
  • You would also take note that you are to resume with Upper body or chest workouts only on an incremental basis that too maybe after four weeks unless otherwise instructed
  • Following the Surgery You could use a Compression Vest. It is a tool to help your body adjust to the change. However, this is strictly be done on the advice of the cosmetic surgeon. It could be worn for about 4 weeks after surgery.
  • Tissue Massage of the treated area may be done if that is found suitable by the Cosmetic Surgery for faster recovery from the Gynecomastia Surgery. The opinions in this matter may vary from surgeon to surgeon.
  • Good Posture – The most important aspect regarding Gynecomastia Treatment and Surgery is mental. By assuming the right posture always after the Surgery could in a big way help you recover.

To conclude we hope that by following the above-mentioned post-operative steps you would recover faster. In case you are based in Kolkata then Cosmetic Therapy is one of the leaders for the best Gynecomastia treatment in Kolkata.