This is the age when everyone wants to look young, smart and beautiful. Thanks to the social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram where most keep clicking and posting selfies every now and again. Yet unfortunately, not every one of us is blessed with the perfect features or the physique we all crave for. But this is also the time when medical science has made many advances including in the field of cosmetic procedures. It is also being noticed that amongst the many health problems confronting young men, Gynecomastia or enlarged breasts amongst men is quite a common problem which many suffer from. If you are one of many who are suffering from this problem then the good news is that there is treatment available which can completely take care of the problem.

Implications of Gynecomastia

The cause of Male Boobs or Gynecomastia can be many. Amongst the many hormonal imbalances is the most common cause of the problem. Whatever be the cause the adverse effects of this problem are many. Though it may not lead to any serious life-threatening situations they could cause many psychological damages.  One could develop a poor self-image, a lack of confidence, frustrations and even depression. Thus in case you too are suffering from these adverse mental conditions you must act and ensure that the problem is treated and rectified at the earliest. The good news is that today with the latest cosmetic procedures the problem can be treated effectively and fully rectified with minimum side effects. 

Gynecomastia Surgery: The best treatment

With the latest advancements in cosmetic surgeries, it is one of the best and most effective ways to have the problem rectified once for all. In fact, you must note that no amount of medication can cure Gynecomastia. You need to note that Male breast reduction surgery is basically the decrement of breast size by excision of excessive breast tissue along with liposuction procedure. With this surgery, you would have a normal male chest contour without breast prominence. Following the breast reduction surgery immediately a firm chest binder is applied as well.

Choosing the right clinic is most important

 If properly done the gynecomastia surgery carried now is by far the most effective way to treat Gynecomastia for sure. However, owing to the huge popularity of the cosmetic procedures there are many clinics which have mushroomed up in Kolkata and its neighborhood. Most of them make tall claims that they provide the best Gynecomastia surgery at minimum costs. However, you need to be careful. The reason is that unless done right the side-effects as a result of these cosmetic surgeries can be quite serious. These include side-effects like overcorrecting or under correcting of the breast. Apart from this, it could also be bleeding, infection and so on.

This is why it is very important that in case you embark upon getting Gynecomastia treated through Gynecomastia Surgery it is best that you get it done from the right clinic under the right cosmetic surgeon. When it comes to Gynecomastia Surgery in Kolkata then Cosmetic Therapy is the best. Here cosmetic surgeries are carried out a very reliable and eminent cosmetic surgeon Dr. Jayanta Kumar Saha, who is very experienced and very reliable in the field indeed.