Gynecomastia which is more popularly known as “Male Boobs” or “Moobs” is a condition which has far-reaching effects especially psychologically. Though it does not many physical health-related dangers it could lead to cause great embarrassment for males. It could lead to loss of self-confidence and even depression. Thus in case you are a young man and suffering from this problem we can understand how difficult it must be for you unless the problem is effectively treated and rectified.

Surgery: Most effective treatment for treating Gynecomastia

It is true that there could be different options for treating Gynecomastia. However, out of the many, it is being seen that Gynecomastia Surgery is by far the most effective way to treat the problem. This is particularly owing to the many developments which have taken place in Cosmetic Procedures in recent times. Owing to the latest advancements the surgery for treating Gynecomastia is one which can bring in a permanent solution to this grave problem. What would be even more heartening for you to know is the fact that the post-operative recovery is much faster now than earlier? Apart from this if the procedure is done correctly under a reliable Cosmetic Surgeon the side effects are minimum. Thus if done correctly Gynecomastia surgery is definitely one of the most effective ways to treat the problem. 

Why Choose the Right Surgeon?

Since now more and more people are undergoing cosmetic surgeries to look smart and nice the demand for the same has increased drastically. Along with this great demand, the clinics which offer cosmetic treatments like Gynecomastia Surgery have gone up rapidly too. Most of these clinics make tall claims that they provide the best cosmetic treatments at the most affordable cost. But you need to be careful and verify their claims before you opt for such treatments. Unless done correctly Gynecomastia Surgeries may have many unwarranted side effects. Thus not only would it mean that what you spend might go down the drains but also you could suffer many adverse side effects as well. Thus for the best treatment, it is imperative that you choose the right Cosmetic Surgeon for carrying out your Gynecomastia Surgery.

What you should look for in him?

  • It is important that you look up the surgeon’s credentials and also the experience he has in the field. It is possible that you could in all likelihood find basic details on the Internet or through mobile apps, such as Practo. Based on the preliminary details you find, you can probe further.
  • Apart from this you could also try and get access to before and after images of people whom the surgeon has treated in the past. You would know that “seeing is believing”.
  • You also need to do your own research on the latest advancements and surgical methods in gynecomastia treatment and verify if the surgeon and the clinic are equipped to provide the new ways of treatment.
  • You could also check into the testimonials from past patients.
  • You could also make inquiries about the post-surgery support provided.

To conclude we hope we have been able to provide you with some basic ideas as to how to go about with choosing the right Cosmetic Surgeon for Gynecomastia Surgery. If you are based in Kolkata and looking for a leading Cosmetic Surgeon in Kolkata then Dr. Jayanta Kumar Saha is a very reliable surgeon in the field.