Are you a young male and suffering from enlarged breasts? If so, you must know that this condition is referred to medically as Gynecomastia. This condition is mainly caused due to hormonal imbalance. Though this condition may not have any serious health hazard if prolonged it could have adverse psychological effects.
It rarely leads to physical discomfort but it for certain lowers self-confidence and esteem. This can be followed by situations like poor general and mental health.
So treating this growing problem is important but at the same time, you could look for ways to prevent Gynecomastia.

Hormonal imbalance -Top Cause for Gynecomastia

Breast tissues are a result of the secretion of a hormone known as estrogen. It is seen that usually, women have higher levels of the same. On the other hand, men have higher levels of androgen hormones like testosterone. However, when the ratio between androgen and estrogen gets disturbed, it leads to the formation of breasts in men. It can also be due to the result of putting on excessive weight or even owing to puberty.


The following are the 3 ways of preventing this growing problem:


1. Quitting Consumption of Alcohol

Liquor contains plenty of empty calories. Research shows that it is the potential cause of male breasts. Thus if you are suffering from this problem, you must try to cut down on your alcohol consumption.

2. Having a Nutritious diet

Along with other factors, the main cause of male breasts is also due to the unwanted excessive body weight. This is why one way of preventing Gynecomastia is by lowering the consumption of food which is high on calories and replacing them with a low-calorie diet with plenty of nutrition. This does not mean that you go on to starve your body. Instead, it is best that you have a balanced diet which is rich in nutrition. This is one way you can keep your weight under control and at the same time stay healthy and fit as well.

3. Exercising and Work Out

Staying healthy and fit is not just about eating healthy you need to exercise as well. Exercising ensures that you burn off the excess calories which get stored and get converted into unhealthy fat. This adds to on to one’s excessive weight and could lead to Gynecomastia as well.

However, in case your problem gets aggravated, it is important that you have the problem treated through Gynecomastia Surgery under a reliable cosmetic surgeon to treat the problem effectively.