The problem of men suffering from enlarged breast or Gynecomastia is a common problem from which many young men in India and all across the world suffer from. The causes of the same are many. The causes of the problem range from hormonal imbalance to many more as well. Though it may not always lead to a serious physical problem, the psychological problems caused can be much adverse. It often leads to embarrassment and ultimately leads to mental depression as well. In case you too are suffering from this problem, the good news is that with the right treatment this problem can be treated for good. With the advancement in cosmetic procedures, Gynecosmatia surgery has become very advanced now. Thus you can have a permanent solution to the problem and the recovery time following surgery is minimum time as well.

Basic Steps involved


Here you need to note that the options available include intravenous sedation as well as General Anesthesia. Your consulting doctor would recommend what is best for you. 


If your Gynecomastia is mainly the result of excess fatty tissue in your chest, then the liposuction technique is usually used. In this procedure, there is a requirement of the insertion of the cannula. This is a thin hollow tube, which is inserted through different small incisions. The excessive fatty tissues which are present in the region are removed by the use of the suction from the body.

Excision Technique

The Excision technique is usually recommended when there is glandular breast tissue or excess skin which needs to be removed. The excision is often necessary if the areola is to be reduced. It also becomes necessary for the repositioning of the nipple for providing a more natural male contour. Where the incisions are to be made depends on certain specific conditions and also on the surgical preference of the cosmetic surgeon who is to carry out the surgery.

Combination of both the Lip0suction as well as the Excision Techniques

It is also seen that in case the patient is suffering from both the problems then a combination of both the Liposuction technique as well the Excision techniques are used. This is what can eradicate the problem.

If you are planning to get your gynecomastia problem rectified for life, you must have the Gynecomastia Surgery done from the right clinic under the Right Cosmetic Surgeon.