It is true that most people now like to look more young and beautiful like never before. Be it for wedding parties, year-end parties or for any other occasion, with the growing trends of “selfies” and posting snaps on social media platforms, people could go to any extent to have great looks. Thus more men and women are willing to go under the knife or get injectables for having great looks. This has led to a high and growing demand for cosmetic surgeries and other procedures. Let us have a look at some of the latest options that one could opt for.

Surgical and Non Surgical options

It is seen that there is a high demand for cosmetic surgeries towards the end of the year. The reason according to experts in the field of cosmetic surgery is that many want to get a new look for the New Year. On the other hand, they feel that for quick fixes for a wedding people often opt for non-surgical procedures which bring about a tightening of the face. It is also seen that in order to volumize one’s face both men as well women use fillers which usually last for about 6 months to 1 year.

Different Types of Cosmetic Surgeries | Cosmetic Surgeon in Kolkata | Top cosmetic surgery clinic

In fact, it is also being noted that certain international travelers even opt for “Surgical Facelifts”. This involves a surgical procedure which tightens the SMAS (facial muscle) along with the loose skin which sags over time owing to age along with gravity.

Lunch Hour Procedures

Cosmetic surgery experts of Kolkata in the field are also of the opinion that many people who want to look young and beautiful want quick and risk-free procedures. One of the more common such types of procedures is the chemical peel treatment. This gives the skin a more radiant and refreshed look over a period of about a week. Apart from this, there are also the options of laser treatments that can be done to improve the texture and quality of one’s skin.

In case you opt for any of these treatments, it is advisable to get the same done only from reputed clinics.