Studies reveal that one in four men between who are in the age group of 50 and 69 years suffer from Gynecomastia. In simple terms, this is a condition which causes overdeveloped or enlarged male breasts. Thus in case you too are suffering from the problem it could not only inhibit your ability to wear certain clothing, such as fitted t-shirts or golf shirts but also cause certain embarrassment for you. So it is but imminent that you have the problem treated rightly. When it comes to the treatment of Gynecomastia the most effective treatment in the current scenario is surgery. With the latest advancement in surgery methods, if done rightly under a reliable cosmetic surgeon, the problem can be treated permanently. What is also very heartening to know that recovery happens quickly if the procedure is rightly carried out.

In case you too plan to have the problem treated rightly through surgery you need to be well prepared for it. The following are simple steps to prepare for the same.

Find out which procedure would suit you the best

If you are considering Gynecomastia for treatment the first tip to prepare for Gynecomastia Surgery is firstly to figure out which what best would suit your specific need. The type of procedure which is likely to best suit you can be assessed by a reputed cosmetic surgeon in the field. It is he who would assess your anatomy to determine whether the condition has emerged on which of the following reasons

  • Too much breast tissue
  • Excess fat
  • Both breast tissue and fat
  • Loose skin around the areolar

It is seen that generally amongst older men and massive weight loss patients, the fullness in the chest is the direct result of loose skin around the areolar. If this is the reason for the enlarged breasts then the same needs to be treated with an areolar reduction. On the other hand, its seen that for patients with excess fat only, which is referred to as pseudo gynecomastia, a smooth, flat chest may be achieved with liposuction.

It is however seen that amongst, most of the gynecomastia patients, there is have excess fat and even sometimes an overabundance of breast tissue as well. In such cases a surgical excision of the tissue and fat removal is necessary.

Choosing the Right Cosmetic Surgeon and the right Clinic

A lot of advancements have indeed been made in the field of Cosmetic Surgery. These require a minimum recovery time. However, at the same time owing to great demand there are many clinics which have mushroomed up in recent times. No man indeed wants to hear that he needs surgery on his chest; the scars from Gynecomastia are typically very well hidden. Thus you need to make sure that the clinic where you will get the surgery done must be the best. What is even more important is that you choose the right cosmetic surgeon who would carry out the Gynecomastia Surgery. With this, you can be sure that your surgery is successful with a quick recovery and no side effects.

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