According to a Times of India report, more young men are queuing up for hair transplantation processes these days. Popularity of Hair Transplantation for young man is increasing day by day. The average age range of people opting for such procedures was in the bracket of 50-60 even a few years back, youngsters as young as 25-30 are trying it out now.

Growing Popularity of Hair Transplantation in Kolkata

In fact, according to the hair transplant experts here at Cosmetic Therapy, the younger the age when a person tries out this process, the better are the results! The scientific explanation for this is that the donor area of the person undergoing the procedure, from where hair follicles are picked up for grafting in the barren areas, is usually quite fertile at a young age.

It is usually the back of the scalp which functions as the donor area. A common explanation for this is that this area is usually immune from hormonal changes to the body. As a result, hair loss from this particular patch is quite unlikely, especially among young men.

There are several reasons why young men are suffering from hair loss at an early age. The reasons vary from external stimulants like pollution, be it air or water, and internal ones like stress and strain of everyday life. Young professionals often suffer from this problem because they are struggling each day to shape up in their respective fields, worrying about their jobs or simply partying into the night! An undisciplined lifestyle is also responsible for causing hair loss.

Popolarity of Hair Transplantation in Kolkata

You must be wondering now that many of these reasons were valid even a couple of years back. How were incidences of hair transplantation not so frequent then? An easy answer to this question is that the process was quite expensive and complicated back then. With the evolution of technology and awareness, more youngsters are awake to the wonders of getting a hair transplant.

Moreover, you cannot rule out the importance of looking good these days, more so due to the proliferation of social media. No one wants to appear on a Facebook display picture with a bald head! Ugly patches of hair loss can hamper confidence, leading to professional failure and even personal issues in the field of matrimony or dating.

Hair transplantation can give you the easy way out of this mess – a clear reason why more young men are opting to get it right, early on in their lives. The popularity of hair transplantation in young man is expected to grow within next year.