In case you are very conscious of your appearance and the way you look, you need to note that the demand for medical aesthetics globally has been rising steadily. This is an area of medicine, which deals mainly with aesthetics, apart from well-being, external appearance, visible skin changes, and other aspects.

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What Medical Aesthetics involves?

Medical aesthetics usually involves high-technology skin care procedures. This represents the fusion of beauty along with healthcare services. It involves those procedures which involve the use of advanced technologies to enhance aesthetics of the person. It is being observed that that the demand for anti-aging products and procedures is increasing significantly. This is on account of increase in focus of most patients who want to look young and improve their appearance. This is most seen in people of the age group of people who are above 50 years of age.  

Some trends of the Medical Aesthetics Market

As per the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), over 18 million women in the year 2015 underwent non-surgical and surgical procedures performed. This accounts for more than 85% of the total aesthetics procedures performed worldwide. Amongst them it was seen that breast augmentation, liposuction, eyelid surgery, abdominoplasty, and rhinoplasty were the top 5 procedures performed in women that year. Apart from this in case of men there were more than 3 million surgical and non surgical procedures performed. Amongst men the top 5 procedures performed over the same period included liposuction, Gynecomastia surgery, rhinoplasty, fat grafting, and ear surgery.

Why this growth?

Amongst the top reason why more and more men are undergoing such cosmetic procedures it was found out that it mainly owed to the better results obtained from such procedures along with the reason they now involve less downtime and discomfort. Thus more men now want to look better through these procedures.   

It is also to be noted that facial aesthetics segment accounted for the major revenue share in 2017. This is mainly due to the rising demand for facial aesthetic treatments and non-invasive cosmetic procedures.

So the trend is clear that more and more people are indulging in cosmetic procedures to look better like never before. So in case you too are considering such procedures it is best that you get them done at the right cosmetic surgery clinic under a renowned Cosmetic Surgeon in the field.