Now you can Prevent Hair Loss with some simple guidelines from our Expert Hair Transplant Surgeon. The scenario of hair loss in India has totally changed then what is was about a decade ago. About a decade ago hair loss was mainly prevalent in middle aged men. However there is a major shift in trend now.

The menace of Hair Loss is playing havoc amongst all and sparing no age group. Today young boys as young as 16 years are complaining of rapidly receding hairline. The causes may be many starting from genetic and chronic conditions to acute illness. However with fast lifestyle factors like improper nutrition, lack of proper sleep along with rising stress levels are all combining to bringing about an alarming situation.

Increasing Stress causing Hair Loss:

Excessive stress is taking its toll on our health, leading to hair loss as one of the many hazards. With growing competition even at school level, the anxiety levels even amongst children are now at an all time high. Excessive Stress levels when prolonged over a period cause hormonal imbalance in the body triggering hair fall problems. Stress inhibits hair growth by inducing catagen (the phase where hair growth stops in the hair cycle) and damaging the hair. Ultimately the same leads to rapid Hair fall.

Prevent Hair Loss

In addition to stress at work, lack of proper sleep can also contribute to Hair Loss. However though little can be done to minimize the stressful work conditions, but as experts in the field of treating hair loss here are a few tips for you to manage stress and thereafter prevent hair loss:

  • Get enough Sleep: You must try to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night. Try to get into a regular sleeping habit every day, like going off to bed at the same time and waking up at the same time every day. Avoid doing anything too stimulating before sleep, like watching a scary movie, etc.
  • Regular head massage: helps to boost blood circulation which helps to keep the hair follicles more healthy.
  • Try meditation or yoga under a qualified trainer to help you balance the stress levels. Once learnt you could maintain even a daily routine for the same. If possible you can practice meditation at home or at your desk, whenever you have a break -you could shut out the chaos going on in the world for a few moments and just focus on clearing your mind.
  • Exercise regularly: Exercises can help to alleviate emotional ¬†¬†stress. On exercising certain happy hormones called endorphins gets released as a result you would feel more relaxed and calmer. Besides regular exercising on daily basis may also help you get proper sleep and thereby reducing stress.
  • Consult a Therapist: if you have excessive stress in your life. The therapist can help you to talk you through your anxiety issues and thus help you relieve the stress. Anyone listening to you sympathetically would always help you. Besides talking to well wishers can help you have a strong support system around you.

So there is perhaps little you can do to control the stress levels at work, but following the above simple steps may go a long way to mange stress and thereafter to prevent hair loss.