Do you want to look younger and fight hair loss? Hair Transplantation is your answer. There is one aspect about your look and appearance that can drastically change and redefine your personality: the hair. Just like a funky haircut makes anyone look younger or more of a risk taker as a character trait, a sombre haircut suggests exactly the opposite.

These perceptions may be skin deep only, but it sure registers an impression on the onlooker. For those with hair loss and receding hairlines, experimenting with their hair to change the overall look is not always feasible. In fact, hair loss can make a person look quite older than the actual age.

Enter hair transplant treatment. Thanks to this technology and procedure, you can claw back your way into flaunting excellent hair, along with your preferred haircut. For example, the super-facility clinics of Cosmetic Therapy and the experienced doctors there ensure that you have a robust hair growth after the surgical process. Once the grafter hair follicles begin to take root and sprout out new hair, your head feels just like the old times.

Hair Transplantation Clinic in Kolkata for Hair Loss Treatment in Kolkata

Here is a little note of caution to add. The process can be successful only when you head for a registered and experienced practitioner. This is not the job of a hack. In fact, there are many of them out there, claiming instant results, etc. Cutting through all that clutter and noise, we do not offer any magical solution or formula! We tell you what the process is about and how we intend to go about it.

Hair transplant is not done in a day. The surgical process may be of a few hours only. But for the grafter hair follicles to take off, it may take time. That, too, depends upon the person concerned. Everyone may not react to this process in the same manner. It will be a while before the grafter hair falls off naturally. It is only after this stage that the grafted roots give birth to new hair.

Moreover, the process also depends on the donor area from where the hair follicles are picked up for grafting. If that area is not very conducive for the process, delays are caused. The doctors on Cosmetic Therapy team will advise and guide you. All you have to do is check in with us and visit our clinic at the earliest.

With the process, you can take years off your appearance! You wouldn’t want to miss out on this chance of feeling and looking younger again!