New ways of  Gynecomastia treatment:

Gynecomastia or “Male breasts” is an embarrassing condition which is currently affecting men of all age group.So, we all need Gynecomastia treatment to cure in fast manner.

The condition is also known as mobs. Under this medical condition, there is an enlargement in the size of male breast that often resembles female breasts.

Gynecomastia might occur in any male, irrespective whether they are old, middle-aged or even teenagers.

However, some studies show that men, who are aged between 50-80 years, usually have 70% chances of developing male breast.

Common Causes and Problem of Gynecomastia:

Gynecomastia is a health condition which could be caused owing to various factors.

These could be factors like being overweight, hormonal imbalances, use of steroids, drugs and various prescribed medications.

In fact, it is also reported that medications used in the treatment of cancer and heart diseases can also increase the chances of the condition.

Types of Gynecomastia:

In case you too as a male is suffering from enlarged Male breast condition you need to can be divided into three major types:

These are as follows:

  • Pseudo Gynecomastia – This type of medical condition is caused owing to the accumulation of fatty tissues.
  • Pubertal Gynecomastia – In this type of male breast enlargement, it occurs due to the enlargement of breast size in males due to puberty period.
  • Mixed Gynecomastia – The condition occurs owing to the excessive development of estrogen in males.

Treatments of Gynecomastia:

It is true that surgery can be a great treatment option for rectifying the condition. But at the same apart from this according to the latest research diet too can to some extent help in treating this medical condition.

Thus in case you too are suffering from this medical condition, it is important for you to undergo a clinical diagnosis to find out the exact reason for Gynecomastia and also its causes.

It is seen that some doctors also recommend using prescribed medications for treating it. Other doctors on the other hand strictly advice against the use of medications.

So in the case of reservations in using medical drugs, natural herbs can easily be used to augment the right food, diet, and exercises. This is a very safe way to treat the condition.

Types of Diets which can treat the problem:

Use of zinc for treating Gynecomastia:

According to a recent study, it was found out that zinc helps in increasing the production of testosterone.

You must note that male breasts occur due to increased production of the female hormone, Estrogen over testosterone.

Therefore with the right supplementation of the body with regular zinc food increases, testosterone levels increase. At the same time, it helps to reduce the production of Estrogen.

Alkaline Food Diet to Eliminate Male Breast:

Research also shows that the other major reason for the development of Gynecomastia is the consumption of acidic foods in large amounts.

Therefore if one was to reduce the consumption of acidic rich foods and replace them with alkaline rich foods the enlargement of male breasts can be controlled to a certain extent.

To conclude we can, therefore, say that treating gynecomastia permanently with surgery is currently the most popular form of treatment.

However at the same time diet too can be effectively used and is a very safe way to treat the condition. In case you are considering surgery for treating the problem it is best that you have the same done by an expert cosmetic surgeon in the field.

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