It is being noted that the cosmetic industry has come a long way over the past few years. This is both in terms of a technical as well as a social standpoint. The best thing about the cosmetic procedures involved now is that the anti-ageing and cosmetics procedures have become better like never before. As a result people are becoming have started accepting the procedures of the cosmetic surgery industry. Women, who were most of the time hesitant to admit they had botox just a few years ago, now are accepting the same and these procedures are becoming more main-stream. There is fewer stigmas around undergoing the cosmetic procedures now. Let us look at some of the latest procedures which are in use and more


With rhinoplasty now you can great results wherein the main goal is to provide an age appropriate more natural look which is affordable, at the same time quick and easy. The best thing which has now happened is that with the latest mobile apps like Snapchat and Facetune, patients can now walk in with a morphed version of their own faces. This has made it easier for surgeons to understand what the patient is looking for.

Shift in From Medical Reasons to Cosmetic Ones

A trend which is also being commonly observed amongst patients undergoing plastic surgery is that more and more people are now doing it for cosmetic reasons instead of medical reasons. With the domination of social media and the “selfie effect”, people want to get such treatments done because more and more people want to look more beautiful. According to leading cosmetic surgeons people now want to have slimmer faces and for that they want to undergo such surgeries.

Wrapping Paper

Often in the past cosmetic procedures ignored the wrapping paper i.e the skin in case of cosmetic procedures. Straight away the cosmetic surgeons would jump to needles, injectables and muscle relaxants. So now the skin too needs to be given more attention. So skin care is what has become important. New Skin care regimes which use super gentle lasers coupled with intelligent non damaging techniques have emerged.

Faster recovery

In the modern age with people want to recover fast. So even the cosmetic treatment that they undergo, they want to be up fast.

So the trends are clear with the demand for cosmetic procedures rising sharply. It is important that you get the cosmetic procedures done at the right clinics under a renowned cosmetic surgeon.