We live in times when everyone wants to look smart and beautiful. However, not everyone is blessed with the best of features. But there is a way out today. With the development of medical science in the current times, certain cosmetic procedures can provide people with their desired looks. It is being noted that people throughout the country who have the requisite financial resources are opting for treatments for looking better. They are getting their bodies contoured to fulfill their desire to look better. People are ready to invest money to improve their looks. This is why the demand for cosmetic procedures is growing by leaps and bounds. In fact, India has become a top destination for plastic surgeries.

Plastic Surgery trends in India

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The present plastic surgeries trends in India show that there is a growing demand for aesthetic plastic surgery procedures in the smaller cities of India. This has happened mainly on account of the rising disposable incomes of the people residing in these smaller cities. As a result, the overall demand for plastic surgery procedures has grown immensely. In fact, as per a global survey conducted by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (IPAPS), India is right now the 4th largest globally in terms of cosmetic procedures. It was seen in 2016 nearly 9.50 lakh cosmetic procedures were conducted in India. This is about 4.3 % of all the procedures recorded globally.

Category wise Cosmetic procedures in India

In India, it was seen that percentage wise Eyelid surgery stood at number three in terms of total cosmetic procedures. This had a 13.1% share. On the other hand, abdominoplasty, which most know tummy tuck, was fourth at 7.9%. This was followed by rhinoplasty. The term is used for Nose reshaping. The Nose Reshaping was at 7.6%.

Country Wide Cosmetic Surgery trends globally

Globally too the popularity and demand for surgical procedures have been growing. It is noted that Brazil, followed by the US and Mexico are the leaders. Whereas India, occupies the 4th position and South Korea is the 5th in terms of cosmetic procedures. From the study, it was also found out that the demand for nonsurgical procedures performed by plastic surgeons was higher in comparison to surgical procedures. This reflects the advancements being made in cosmetic treatments and the desirability or less expensive treatments.

So it is quite clear that the demand for cosmetic procedures in India is very high and even growing. It has also become evident that a lot of advancements have been made as well. However, you need to opt for the right cosmetic surgeon who can deliver the best results.