It is being noted that even in the modern world of today, many in India are getting involved in vaginal surgeries to repair their hymen and become a virgin again. This surgery which is done to have the hymen repaired and restored again is also known as “Hymenoplasty” or also called “Re-virgination”. It is also being seen that women often get into an intimate relationship with their partners and to benefit the relationship after marriage undergo surgery to get the hymen repaired which is still considered a symbol of purity amongst some communities.

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The basic objective of the surgery

The basic aim of Hymenoplasty is to ensure that the hymen is reconstructed or stitched, such that after the same would tear and bleed again after sex. In general, it takes about 30 minutes to perform the surgery. Most of the women undergo this surgery because they believe that men prefer having virgin wives. What you must also note us that owing to the great social pressure on girls on being a virgin is equal to being pure. What is even surprising is that not just globally, despite the increase of youngsters in sexual-activeness in India, several surveys show that a huge percentage of men still look for a virgin partner?

Hymenoplasty: A World-Wide Phenomenon

In fact, it is also to be noted that while often prior to getting married many young ladies often have to face several kinds of awful questions which include the very common one “Are you a virgin”? Owing to all these mental mindsets many women not just in India are undergoing Hymenoplasty. In fact, studies by UK’s National Health Service (NHS) reveals that ‘virginity repair’ surgeries have become a popular trend in the country. As per the NHS, UK, within ten years, almost 109 women have undergone the procedure in the hospitals run by them.

So Hymenoplasty in India much like other countries have become popular like never before. So in case you too are considering this surgery to restore your virginity it is important that you get it done from the right clinic under the right cosmetic surgeon for the surgery.
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