Hair transplantation has become a very popular treatment to treat rapid hair loss in recent times. In case you are suffering from rapid hair loss and baldness you might be seeking ways and means to treat this problem effectively. If you have done your research on the subject you would know that hair transplant surgeries are one of the effective ways to treat the problem. However in case you are considering it we know that there may be several queries which you might be having on the topic. This is why we at Cosmetic Therapy being one of the leading hair transplant clinics in Kolkata, thought it is best to answer 5 of the most common queries you might have about hair loss treatment. Let us explore each of these one by one.

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Hair Transplantation Surgeries – Common Queries

Undergoing a hair transplant surgery may be a very important and life changing step for you in your life. Here is what you should know about it.

  1. Where to have your hair transplantation surgery done?

One of the most critical question which requires great attention. With the popularity of hair transplantation growing by leaps and bounds, hair transplant clinics have mushroomed up in every nook and corner of the city. Most of them claim to provide the best treatment at the most affordable costs. In your desperation to have your problem of rapid loss of hair resolved you might fall prey to many of the misleading advertisements making false promises. So before choosing your hair transplant clinic you need to check the credentials of the hair transplant surgeon who would conduct the procedure. You also must find about the reputation of the clinic and the facilities offered.

  1. How much might it hurt?

You might have a common opinion that the entire procedure is gruesome. You would be surprised to know that the surgery would not hurt much if done rightly. It may of course  cause some discomfort after the procedure. However you must follow the post operative restrictions or steps suggested for ensuring fast recovery and better results.

  1. Will the scars created be noticeable?

If the procedure for the follicular transplant is done correctly then generally the scars created from the procedure should not be visible to the untrained eye. However at the same time you must take proper post operative care recommended for best results.

  1. How will it take for the results of hair growth to show?

The process of hair growth is quite slow even for the person who does not suffer from hair loss. So for the initial results of hair growth to show it may take at least 3 to 6 months. For the full effects to show you have patiently to wait for at least 8 to 12 months.

  1. Will the results of the hair transplantation be permanent?

It has been seen that the hair follicles transplanted are usually genetically resistant against baldness. So they should continue to grow over a long time.

In conclusion we can say that hair transplantation is indeed a revolutionary procedure to treat hair loss. But you need to get it done from the right hair transplant clinic under a renowned hair transplant surgeon. Cosmetic Therapy is one of the leaders in the field of hair transplantation in Kolkata. For more details visit our website. Have a safe hair transplantation only with Cosmetic Therapy.