Hair transplantation is one of the most popular forms of hair loss treatments not only in India but worldwide. In recent times it has emerged as one of the most popular hair loss treatment in India and people from abroad are choosing India for hair transplant surgery. Medical tourism is on the rise, in comparison with other countries the cost of hair transplantation in India is safe and affordable. Rapid hair loss or baldness is becoming a regular problem which is affecting many including the youth around the world. Hair loss has many adverse psychological effects such as low self confidence and depression to name a few. Young people who suffer from hair loss problems are desperately looking for instant solutions. Hair transplantation or hair transplant surgeries recently have become popular solution for hair loss problems.

Let’s find out why hair transplantation is becoming a popular solution for hair loss problems.

Hair Transplantation a Popular Solution

Hair transplant surgery is proven to cure the problem of rapid hair loss and baldness. It is often seen that hair in the front and top of head is lost mainly because they are genetically hormone susceptible. However hair on the sides and lower back are genetically immune to hormone sensitivity. They are therefore genetically programmed to grow a lifetime and therefore continue to grow when it is transplanted to a different region as well. This is one of the most common hair transplant procedures requested for by patients. The most common cause of baldness is genetic.

In Hair transplant surgeries hairs are taken from the sides and back of the head and surgery is done in the bald area by Follicular Unit Transplant Technique and single hair grafts. The transplanted hair is permanent and grow like normal hair. One reason for the popularity of this revolutionary hair loss treatment is that it is permanent only if it is done correctly. The recovery of the surgery is also fast. The patient can go home immediately after the operation. Hair transplant surgery is currently one of the most advanced methods to restore those lustrous hairs.

Medical Tourism on the Rise in India 

Medical tourism in India is a great option for international patients. The main reason for this is the provision of low cost and good quality treatment. Following their arrival in India everything a patient requires is taken care by medical tourism in India. For more than 15 years cosmetic surgery hospitals in India are successfully providing good treatment to international patients which also includes hair transplantation.

Right Hair Transplant Clinic and Surgeon for a Permanent Makeover

Cost is an important factor for determining from where you want to avail your hair transplant surgery. Along with that you need to be careful about the clinic and the cosmetic surgeon who will carry out the procedure. It is also seen that if the procedure is not done properly then it may lead to various side effects. So choosing the best plastic surgeon should be the top most priority. If you are from Kolkata or want to visit Kolkata for Hair transplantation surgery then Cosmetic Therapy will give you the best hair loss solution, as it is one of the leading hair transplant clinic in Kolkata. So no more hair loss worries, contact Cosmetic Therapy today and get the best hair loss transplantation within a budget!