We are in the midst of the winter festive season. With Christmas just over we would be welcoming the New Year in less than a week’s time. We know that you would like to look gorgeous while partying all out and your hairstyle will play an all important role in the same. However as we have been pointing out from time to time that certain hair styles may damage your hair. So we thought that it would be a good idea to share some hair styling tips which are extremely trendy and at the same time will not damage your hair in any way.

Try styling your hair without heat 

Beautiful tresses are a powerful thing for women. You may turn to blow-dryers, straighteners and curling irons every day as the path to a smart and trendy look. However resorting to such methods too often for styling may often have an adverse impact on your hair. So try out hair styling which can be done without the use of heat. Here’s how to style your hair without heat.

Hair styling solutions: Braids, Buns and natural

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Braid is something which is the ever versatile thing. At the same time it lends itself to give you a very stylish look. An additional advantage of it is that it requires less effort and no heat. You could try out messy side braid for a casual look. You could also try  a partial side-swept version to tame unruly bangs.

Be it a high top knot or a low chignon, buns can provide you with a instant chic look that may be rare to match. You could also try gently teasing a high ponytail before twisting your hair up and bobby-pinning it for a fuller look that is special-event worthy without doing any damage.  

According to some hair style experts air-drying may be a great way to style your hair, without heat. This is more so if you have a more curly and wavy hair. A little conditioner after a hair shampoo may even help it further. Depending on the event you want your hair styling for, you could choosing  a simple hair styling product is all you need to make your hair beautiful. 

How much heat is too for your hair?

According to most styling experts you should use heat no more than once a week. This is especially applicable to places which have a sunny climate. You must also use an at-home deep conditioning treatment. This will recharge your strands and bring them back to health. In case you are really keen to hair styling which make use of heat , it is better to go for those hairstyles which you last for a longer time between washes. This way the use of heat on your hair will get limited. If you are to use heat for styling hair, you must look for tools with ionic properties and ones with titanium plates. These are less damaging. 

You must also make use of heat protecting treatment or spray, prior to any use of heat. This will make your hair less vulnerable to the damage caused from heat.

In conclusion, we hope that the points mentioned above will help you to style your hair with less damage to your hair. In order to know more about hair problem related issues and treatment, please visit Cosmetic Therapy