Hair loss problems in India is taking mammoth proportions. What is most disturbing is that this menace is sparing no one at large. Be it male or female, young or middle-aged the problem is getting increasingly difficult amongst all. From what was a problem typically prevalent in middle-aged men only about a decade ago has shifted to the youth. So much so that there are even young teenagers as young as 16 years are falling prey to rapid hair loss. There are many primary causes of hair loss. These include hormonal factors, poor nutrition, certain illness all cause hair loss. But stress is another cause of hair loss in the current scenario. Everyone irrespective of age is exposed to extreme stress. This often becomes unbearable and causes serious health hazards. Hair loss is one of the adverse health effects it causes. We will discuss about stress and Hair loss problems in this blog. We will also try to make you aware of how to manage your Hair loss problems.

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The cycle of hair growth:

Our scalp generally contains 1.00.00 hair follicles. They normally go through three stages. These are anagen, catagen, and telogen. Studies show that approximately 80-90% are in the anagen stage, which typically lasts for about 2 – 8 years. The hair follicles in the telogen phase are shed almost every day. Generally, it is accepted that if you are losing about 100 hair strands a day is normal. But if the number is much in excess of it and more importantly over a prolonged period of time then there is cause to be concerned. There are certain other warning symptoms as well. If you have a family history of baldness and vacant spaces then you must be cautious about your loss of hair. Another common symptom is excessive loss of hair within a short period of time. The scalp often turns red and scales appear on it. In case the symptoms are noted you must immediately consult a hair specialist to evaluate the hair loss and to some extent with early intervention the situation may be salvaged to some extent. However, you must also try to prevent the problem. This could be done through trying to manage the excessive stress levels you may have to bear with.

Managing stress:

The happy 9 to 5 working hours has now made way for a 24×7 round the clock work schedule. With the extreme workloads, the levels of stress you may have to put up with becomes unbearable at times. You could, however, try to manage the same. This could be done by trying to take adequate rests and sleep properly. You could cut down on our TV watching time to do so. Regular proper head massage helps to increase blood circulation and helps to keep the hair follicles more healthy. Thus rapid hair loss can be prevented to a certain extent with it. Besides you must exercise regularly under a qualified fitness trainer to keep yourself fit. You could also try to relax with Yoga and meditation. Whenever you get some time you must try to shut down with all the confusion around and try to relax.

To conclude we can say that it is true that the stress levels will continue to be high with our fast paced lifestyle, but we must try to manage it to prevent health hazards and hair loss. However, if you still suffer from rapid Hair loss problems then you must visit us at Cometic Therapy, best hair transplantation clinic in Kolkata for hair loss solutions. You can also visit our website for more details.