If you are suffering from Hair loss or Baldness you must be aware of Hair Transplantation. The rapid rise of Hair Loss cases in India has been rising at alarming levels. A problem which was predominant mostly in the middle aged only about a decade ago is now affecting even the youth. Even young teens as young as sixteen are falling prey to this menace of hair loss and baldness. The result has been the mushrooming of numerous hair treatment clinics. Most of them make tall claims of providing the best treatments at the lowest price. But as patient you need to be careful in terms of choosing the right hair treatment center. This is more so if you are recommended Hair Transplantation, since this is the ultimate treatment in case of hair loss and baldness. We at Cosmetic Therapy, Kolkata hair transplantation clinic specialize in hair transplantation under the aegis of Dr. Jayanta Kumar Saha. When it comes to Hair Transplantation, Dr. Saha is extremely eminent and qualified. He is a MBBS, DGO, Mch Consultant Plastic, and Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgeon and has had strong academic records throughout his career. Hair Transplantation is a very dynamic field which is why Dr. Saha keeps attending seminars and conferences to keep him updated about the lasts developments. In spite of his competence and busy schedule Dr. Saha devotes personal time the Hair Transplant and hair treatment cases at his clinic. This is why as a patient you know you have the best.

Hair Transplantation - hair transplantation in Kolkata

Patience Is Required After Hair Transplantation Surgery:

The anxiety with results of hair transplantation surgery is quite common amongst most patients. This is perfectly understandable, given the costs and time requirements for the surgery. You need be patient with hair transplant surgery. Though hair transplant is indeed the ultimate and perhaps most effective treatment, but it is not magic. It is not that once the hair transplantation surgery has been done, the new hair would grow right significantly from the very next month. The new hairs which grow after the surgery require at least 2 weeks growing and even if they do grow they would be thin and sparse. Only after few cycles would the new hair become thick and dense. So you need to wait at least for 1 to 1& ½ years for the final results to be shown.

Poor Hair Growth Even After 1 Year:

Although the hair growth varies from person to person following the surgery, but even after 1 year if the hair growth is not satisfactory, then there could be a cause of concern. Some common causes of poor hair growth even after 1 year of surgery may be the following:

Improper placement of hair follicles, where in the space between the hairs follicles are far apart from one another, then the hair growth would appear poor. This is a common mistake made by inexperienced surgeons.

Improper care following Hair Transplant surgery is another cause for poor hair growth after surgery. Inadvertent injury to the hair follicles like through scratching after surgery, may lead to poor hair growth.

Poor execution during hair transplant surgery, like during hair harvesting in the FUE technique, there may be injury and transaction to hair follicles leading to poor hair growth after the surgery.

So it is quite evident that the expertise of the hair transplant surgeon and the hair treatment clinic is most critical for success of the hair transplantation surgery. So when you must check out the credentials and feedback of the hair transplant surgeon prior to your treatment. For further details in the field please visit Cosmetic Therapy.