Are you a young man and suffering from enlarged breasts, which causes you much embarrassment? You must know that this medical condition is known as Gynecomastia. This problem of enlarged breasts is a condition, which is usually caused by the localization of excess adipose content. This may also be accompanied by the formation of excessive mammary glandular tissues. It could occur with or without the occurrence of excess skin layers in either one or both the breasts. This is a condition which might often lead to the development of physical discomfort. If prolonged it may also cause   emotional impairment, where in men develop lower self-esteem and decreased self-image.

Treatment through Gynecomastia Surgery

In case you as a man is suffering from this medical condition then one of the best way to treat the physical discomforts and emotional distress you might be going through is by discussing it with a reputed cosmetic surgeon who can plan out a precise course of treatment. One effective way of treating the problem is through surgery.

The procedure involved

For surgery to treat the problem, anesthesia options are  available which involves the application of intravenous sedatives with or without the administration of general anesthesia. It is only a renowned cosmetic surgeon who can recommend the best option available. Usually for the procedure involves two processes namely a fat removal liposculpture method and an excision mechanism.
It is seen that instances generally wherein the main factor of development of male breast is the presence of excess fatty tissues underneath, a liposuction  technique may be the best.
On the other hand in cases where the main cause of Gynecomastia is due to development of glandular mammary tissues or presence of excess skin layers the incision patterns vary greatly. A lot depends on the candidate’s desirable outcome goals and surgical preferences.

Recovery Process

It is true that certain complications may arise in regard to male breast surgery. These could be under correction or overcorrection of breast, bleeding, skin and nipple areola complex necrosis, fat liquefaction, infection. However if it is done at the Right Clinic under a renowned cosmetic surgeon these complications can easily be avoided and recovery can be much faster. This is why you must have the treatment done only at the right clinic.