Did you know that breast cancer does not affect only women; it affects men too. Such cases of male breast cancer are rare but they might happen According to a recent study in the field a man’s risk of developing breast cancer is about one in a 1,000 in his lifetime.

It is true that in comparison women are several times more likely to be diagnosed with the condition. However, cosmetic surgery experts of Kolkata now warn that the disease is becoming more and more aggressive in men also. Thus it is important to understand and learn about the condition, including risk factors, can help prevent or reduce your chances of getting the disease. In spite of the present trends, researchers are still unclear what exactly causes breast cancer in men. We also need to understand whether Gynecomastia could cause male breast cancer or not. In case it does treatments need to be undertaken to prevent the condition.

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Gynecomastia: What it is?

Breast disorders in males could indeed be quite distressing for both patients as well as the examining doctors. As a patient, you could often feel embarrassed and anxious. In case you are not aware about gynecomastia, you must know that this is a health condition wherein there is the enlargement of the breasts in men. Gynecomastia is usually caused by an imbalance of the hormones estrogen and testosterone.  It is a condition wherein there is a more likelihood for some to get breast cancer. It is still being seen many practitioners may feel uncertain about how to differentiate gynaecomastia (benign breast enlargement) from malignancy .and how to manage such disorders thereafter.

Why treating Gynecomastia is essential?

As pointed out at the beginning that there is a rising number of cases of male breast cancer in India as per some recent studies. Whether Gynecomastia could itself lead to this health condition is also fully not known yet. However in case you are suffering from this health condition then it is best not to take any risks. Thus it is best that you have the necessary gynecomastia treatment at the earliest. This could be done through certain surgeries.

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