Hair transplantation in Kolkata is the most popular and permanent cosmetic surgery nowadays and also in other parts of the globe. People from abroad as well as India come to Kolkata for hair transplantation for the cheapest rates. Hair loss causes depression, loss of confidence and accelerates aging process. Front desk people and film people hate baldness and seek this service from cosmetic surgeon.

Hair Transplant Surgey - Cosmetic-Therapy Clinic Kolkata

The technique of hair transplantation has evolved from hair bearing scalp flap to follicular unit extraction (F.U.E.) method. Follicular unit transplantation is the most widely used and time-tested method. Hair from back of scalp is harvested and transplanted in bald areas. Strip of scalp hair is excised and wound margin is sutured. Bald area is punctured with needle and hair follicles are transplanted.

Baldness can occur from diseases like hypothyroidism, hereditary, side effects of drugs, artificial hair coloring agent, shampoo, fast food, unbalanced diet, tension etc.

Both male and female suffer from baldness which is in upward trend, try out everything for their hair starting from oral drugs, topical agents to wig, weaving and hair cap. But when all efforts go in vain and all expenditures go into drain , they come for hair transplantation which is the most scientific, useful, permanent and satisfying procedure till date.  Amount of hair follicles depends upon degree of baldness and dense packing of hair on head.   F.U.T. is preferred to F.U.E.  Because of its acceptability, time honored technique, absence of body hair and large amount of grafts can be harvested.

Complications of hair transplantation are very few like pains, bleeding infection, inclusion cysts, failure of hair growth. Post operative care is minimum, careful shampoo and washing, limited outdoor games, topical application of vasodilator drugs and oral active form of testosterone inhibitor. Full blown result is expected only after one year, so patients should have patience.

Baldness is no more shameful by the virtue of hair transplantation.