There are a number of misconceptions and myths doing the rounds in the matter of hair transplantation surgery . Most of it is based on hearsay and is nothing more than rumors. To set the record straight, our experts here at Cosmetic Therapy decided to make some common points known to people who are interested in getting a hair transplant job done. If you are someone who is looking to do it for yourself or someone close to you, you should know the finer points about this process. That will enable you to keep false information at bay.

FAQ’s on Hair Transplantation Surgery

Let us start with the most obvious question: is it a very complicated process? The answer is no! Hair transplantation can be done by a surgeon within a very small frame of time. Just about anyone can go for this process. There are no medical complications involved so you need not have to go through a barrage of tests to determine your eligibility for this process. The entire process can be done in the office of the surgeon or at super-facility units like the one we have at our end. Since the process is not complicated, it is not time-consuming either.

Hair Transplantation Surgery

Moving on to the next question: is it painful? Again, the answer is no! The surgical part of the hair transplant process is done through local anesthesia. You will not know the process being done on your scalp. You can see the surgeon working on the scalp because you will be able to preserve your mental faculties. This is not a job that requires general anesthesia. Once the process is done, it takes a couple of days for post-surgical care. During this period, you will have to take some anti-inflammatory pills and probably some painkillers as well to easy irritation or swelling of the scalp. The scalp will remain sensitive for a few days and the period of medication can vary from one person to another.

Finally, the most important question: when will the new hair begin to sprout? This usually takes some time. The grafted hair will fall off in a day or two. This is not supposed to stay attached to the scalp, as some may think! Despite falling off, the grafted hair follicles leave their roots on the scalp at places where they were grafted. These roots will shape up to form new hair in the months to come. You should not panic in a couple of weeks that hair is not growing out! Again, the time period usually varies as some people have more hair growth than others.

For more details about hair transplantation surgery , you can talk to our experts at Cosmetic Therapy.