Are you aware of the term “Gynecomastia” ? If not you must note that it is the development of female like breasts in men, which has been recorded since ancient times. Back in the 1970s, direct surgery was the only treatment for the condition. However back then, these surgeries, use to often leave a very visible scar. However with the advancements in these surgeries now these are hassle free. At the same time there is minimal side effect and practically no visible scar if the procedure is carried out rightly by a reliable surgeon in the field.

Why it happens?

You must note that estrogen is a highly misunderstood hormone. It is to be noted that there are 3 main types of estrogens in the male and female body .Out of them Estradiol is the strongest of the 3 types. It is responsible for the majority of known effects of estrogen. An average male produces very little amount of estrogen. This also this might be even useful if it is produced in small amounts. But when in large amounts, it causes effects like water retention, female breast development (gynecomastia) and increase in body fat levels.

Social Embarrassment

Out of the many adverse effects of this condition the main ones pertain towards social acceptability and a sense of taboo attached to it. Often for men suffering from Gynecomastia, the perception in regard to their body image can cause serious problems. Thus due to peer pressure, such men may refrain from participation in different sports, gym or other group activities. Apart from this the worst problem for males here is in is the interaction with opposite sex. He usually tends to avoid such interactions. This could ultimately lead to depressive symptoms. Apart from the other psychological fear attached to gynecomastia, is the fear of disease, particularly breast cancer.


If you are a young man suffering from this condition, then treating it may be a priority for you. In such case you must first visit a physician who would start the basic medication depending on the extent of the problem. He is the one who would decide whether the line of medication whether it would be anti-estrogen or aromatase inhibitor. In most cases of gynecomastia surgery may be required.
In certain extreme cases, it could be a slightly lengthy procedure, involving medication, surgery and liposuction. This might have to be followed by breast lift to remove the excess lose skin. The process which involves removal of breast gland tissue is called Mastectomy, and Liposuction is removal of fat cells.
In conclusion we hope that you are now familiar now with Gynecomastia and the treatment involved. In case you are looking for treatment of the same in Kolkata then you must visit Cosmetic Therapy.