Hair Loss Problem that can be compounded by diabetes. As you know, diabetes is a condition where the blood glucose levels shoot up beyond the normal measures. A simple blood test can determine if your blood sugar levels are above the permissible limits. In this post, we are taking a close look at how the problem of diabetes can cause hair loss.

How Diabetes Creates Hair Loss Problem?

Before we can comprehend the link between the two, it is important to understand the process of hair growth. It usually takes some time for the hair follicles to grow. Hair usually grows up at a rate of 1 to 2cms in the span of a month. Diabetes can delay this growth to a large extent. It interferes with the process of hair growth.

Best Treatment of Hair Loss Problem by Dr. J. K. Saha

Moreover, with this condition in your blood system, the body can lose more hair than usual. There is a biological process by which the body sheds hair every day. This is not just from the scalp but from other parts of the body as well. With blood sugar levels higher than usual, the body loses more hair, throwing up bald patches of hair on the head. As the growth rate of the hair growing back is delayed by this condition, it results in bald, ugly patches. In this case hair transplantation can be a smart choice. 

Hair follicles are also destroyed by a condition called the alopecia areata. This is a condition where the immune system destroys the hair follicles, terminating hair growth completely. It results in baldness. This problem has a direct connection with diabetes. Not just diabetic people, those with higher levels of thyroid are also under the ambit of unusual and drastic hair loss.

As evident, because hair loss problem is so linked with the diabetic condition, to prevent this loss you need to check blood sugar levels. The first step towards it is to consult a doctor. You need professional advice to fight diabetes and when you are doing that, you also need trained hair experts to help you check hair loss. With the blood glucose level under check, you are sure to find a reduction in the rate of hair loss.

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