It is often noted that certain males irrespective of age occasionally develop female-like breasts. This condition is referred to as Gynecomastia and is a rapidly growing concern amongst certain men. The causes can be many. It occurs primarily due to the swelling of breast tissues in males owing to hormonal imbalance. Whatever be the cause it can be a source of embarrassment amongst males often leading to serious and adverse mental conditions like frustration and even depression. Thus detecting the cause and treating the same is essential.  


In case you as a young male is suffering from the problem, generally, it is seen that doctors would ask certain questions about your medical history and the health conditions of the family. He would also do a physical examination which includes careful assessment of the breast tissues, as well as abdomen and genitals.   


Thereafter you might be asked to get certain tests done. These include certain blood tests and also Mammograms. Apart from this in certain cases the Doctor may also ask for Computerized Tomography Scans (CT) Scans along with Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Testicular Ultrasounds and Tissue Biopsies. 


Once these tests have been done, the Doctor would go through the reports and determine the course of the treatments. Though certain medications may be used, it is seen in most cases that Cosmetic Surgical Procedures are much more effective for Gynecomastia Treatments. 

Surgeries for treating Gynecomastia

In recent times, a lot of advancements have been made in the field of Gynecomastia Surgeries. Thus when done correctly by a reliable cosmetic surgeon, it is seen that the results are permanent.  The great benefit of gynecomastia surgery conducted by a reliable Cosmetic Surgeon is that now the recovery time is much less. There are also minimum side effects if cosmetic surgery is done correctly.  

The 2 Main  gynecomastia surgery options are as follows:

  • Liposuction –In this type of surgery breast fat is removed but not the breast gland tissue.
  • Mastectomy-This involves the removal of the breast gland tissue. This type of surgery is often done using only small incisions. This less invasive type of surgery involves less recovery time. 

Whichever be the surgery you opt for make sure that you have it conducted under a reputed cosmetic surgeon at the right clinic. Cosmetic Therapy is one of the leading Clinics in Kolkata for Gynecomastia Surgeries.