It is true that with the urge of people wanting to look smarter and younger the demand for cosmetic surgeries has grown steadily in India like many other countries. Yet with the rising demand there a huge number of beauty clinics which have mushroomed up in recent times. Many of them make high claims of providing all types of cosmetic procedures and treatments at the lowest rates. Unfortunately many of these clinics may not have qualified doctors to carry out such procedures. You too may be drawn to such advertisements that are made for getting cosmetic procedures done at these clinics, but you need to be careful while doing the same. If cosmetic surgery is not done there are many dangers which are associated with them. Let us look at some of them.

Botox and filters

In order to get rid of facial wrinkles this is a very common types of procedure which is being used nowadays. But if the person is not qualified enough to do such treatments then there are instances when people went blind after the facial fillers were wrongly injected into a blood vessel. So you need to be careful on this front.

Chemical peels

You would know that facial is almost a routine treatment used by most beauticians. However it is also being noted that chemical peels are sometimes being used by some to treat wrinkles caused by sun damage or ageing. However you must also take note of the fact that if this is applied incorrectly then it could also cause skin burn and led to permanent damage of the skin. This is why you must check out whether the person carrying out such procedures is qualified to do such treatments.


You might already be aware of this procedure. This is done to make the nose look more beautiful and is very popular amongst women who are in the age group of 25 to 35 years of age. It is done by using general or also local anesthesia. Risks if this procedure goes wrong is then there could be injuries or holes in the sputum, apart from this could also be skin problems and infection.