Hair fall has a significant adverse impact on our appearance. It has been a serious concern amongst the young currently. If we are suffering from the problem then we may face difficulties at work and socially. Even our relationships may get affected as a result. The causes for hair loss may be many. This may be owing to genetic factors, like Androgenic Alopecia. Others may be excessive stress, or lack of proper nutrition. Whatever it is we suffer in many ways owing to the problem. Many people prefer to continually wear hats or caps to look stylish. However they also wonder whether this may lead to hair loss. In this blog we will try to address this concern.

You must always remember that much of your hair health depends on internal factors. These primarily include genetic factors. Others may be lack of adequate nutrition, excessive stress are other factors. But apart from these certain external factors too can lead to hair loss. One such factor is Traction Alopecia. This happens when too much force is applied on the hair while wearing caps or hats. Wearing very tight hats or caps can lead to thinning of hair and eventually to split ends and eventually to breaking of hair causing hair fall. This condition is caused by damage to hair follicles and dermal papilla that is the result of constant pulling or tension.

In case you wear a hat or cap constantly for your style or other reasons, ensure that it is not too tight on your scalp. Wearing very tight cap or hat may lead to decrease in circulation to the scalp leading to hair fall. Continuously wearing cap or hat may lead to accumulation of sweat or sebum. The accumulation of dead skin cells within the cap or hat may irritate the scalp bringing about hair fall. It is to maintain proper hygiene for your hair’s health too.

Hair fall Self Portrait

Recommendations for continual wearing of Caps or hats:

Wear ones which fit loosely and are not to tight on your scalp. The material of the cap or hat is important. Ideally you must select ones which are made from cotton or wool. These would allow oxygen to permeate through them. Thus this is necessary for better hair’s health. If you are wearing the cap or hat ensure to clean them on a regularly basis. This ensures better hygiene.

In conclusion we could say that the major causes of hair loss are mainly on account of internal factors rather than on external factors. However the external factors need to be restricted as well to prevent hair fall. Whatever be the reason you are suffering from hair fall you must treat it. With the medical developments permanent treatment through hair transplantation is a popular method of treatment now. So in case you are suffering from hair loss or baldness you must get in touch with us at Cosmetic Therapy Kolkata. With our expertise in the field you would have a permanent solution to the problem.