Almost everyone wants to look beautiful and it is no secret that today that many are resorting to cosmetic surgeries to do the same. Worldwide trends show a growing popularity of people from all age, undergoing such treatments to look more beautiful. It is not just the celebrities who are doing it, but many from different walks of life.

In a recent study in this regard also revealed that teenagers who are involved in bullying, both victims as well as the perpetrators, may have an increased desire for cosmetic surgery as compared to those not involved in such incidents.

What was the study about?

The research was undertaken at the University of Warwick in the UK. Researchers involved with the study found that perpetrators of bullying wanted to have plastic surgery to improve their appearance and increase their social status. On the other hand, it was also found out that victims of bullying want to go under the knife for other reasons. This is because their psychological functioning is affected by being picked on. It often causes them to have lower self-esteem, more emotional problems and a desire to change their appearance as per the researchers of the study.

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The study undertaken screened as many as 2,800 teens for involvement in bullying as rated by themselves and their peers. The top researchers involved in this study are of the opinion that being victimized by peers often results in poor psychological functioning. It, in turn, causes an increased desire for cosmetic surgery. They also feel that for bullies, on the other side, cosmetic surgery may simply be another tactic to increase social status to look good and achieve dominance.

The researchers who carried out the study mainly focused on 752 adolescents, including 139 identified as victims of bullying, 146 as perpetrators of bullying, and 294 who were both victims and perpetrators. The rest remaining 173 teens were not involved in bullying. As a part of the study, the participants were asked whether they would like to have plastic surgery as a way of making themselves more attractive or changing something about their appearance.

From the study there is growing evidence that more and more people are now wanting to opt for cosmetic surgeries for varied reasons. However in case you are planning to undergo one you need to make sure that you get your cosmetic surgery done at the right place. You need to check out on the credentials of the cosmetic surgeon who would carry out this all important surgery and also the facilities available at his or her clinic.

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